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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 7

So this post officially begins the reign of the second generation and it was a very hard post to write. At first I was trying to do the Amy view, Belle view, but it just wasn't working, if you read Amy's view you really didn't need to read Belle's view and so much that happened this week was about Belle. So once I decided it would all be from Belle's point of view the writing came much more easily. Amy may still write in future updates, but we will have to see, I guess since she managed to complete her lifetime want she hasn't been as vocal in my head while playing as she used to be.

I also have to admit that their ages got messed up a little in here. When I got Hugh's age more inline with what it should be I had a ton of extra life fruits left over and I guess somehow they ended up in a meal and knocked a few days off everyone's lives before I realized it, either that or they ate them directly out of the fridge. So now I need to figure out what to do with the last few that come up in the next harvest (I guess I will have to sell them) so that I don't mess up their ages any more than I already have.

My mom has a journal! We shared a joint birthday today, she is becoming an elder and I am becoming a young adult. She said she wanted to let me know who she was when she first got here and how she has changed for the better because of having me in her life. She said she had been wanting to do this for a while, but waited because she wanted me to understand how people can change from what they once were for the better; I think she was trying to tell me that dad has changed as well.

I couldn't believe what I read, my mom was in juvenile hall! She stole stuff when she first got here just to survive and she still occasionally gets the compulsion to steal even now. She did say that she had planned to put the stuff back once she could afford to buy her own things, but by the time she could replace something, the people she "borrowed" from had already replaced the item and long forgotten that the original had ever gone missing. She did say that things like the beds she actually purchased and anything that was for me she paid for herself, because she wanted better for me.

She also thinks she is part of the reason she and dad didn't stay together after she got pregnant with me. She never really pushed for a relationship and half expected him to leave her like her father had left her mother and maybe that attitude helped things along the path they took. It wasn't because she didn't love my dad, she did and still does after all these years, she just thinks growing up in a broken home and around a lot of other kids from broken homes made her feel like that was just how things were. She always wanted to make sure that if I fell in love that the guy would stay with me, that is why after she talked to Hugh at my teen birthday she didn't fight the friendship; she said she knew he was a good guy and would stand by me no matter what.

My mom has turned 72 today and I feel like I am just now getting to know her even though we have been best friends since forever. But I also think I respect her now more than ever, she pulled herself up from zero and made it to the top of the music charts with very little help from the people around her and now that she can, she tries to give back to the community that allowed her to thrive.

My mom is the most amazing person I know.

Then it was time for my birthday. We had agreed after reading the journal to have these birthdays be just the two of us and we would then invite dad and Hugh over afterwards. We had a cake and as I thought about what I wanted to wish for I knew I could only wish for one thing, that we would both be happy in love, I just wasn't expecting the wish to work out the way it did.

Mom was so proud of how well I grew up (trait good sense of humor) and even threw some confetti that I don't know where she hid.

Then we invited Hugh and dad over. As soon as I saw Hugh I knew I was in love with him, real love, not just the kid who has a crush on their teacher kind of love.

He said he loved me too and that he thought I was the most beautiful woman in all of Sunset Valley

But what surprised me was that my mom was kissing my dad! I later found out that when my dad told his wife about us she left him in a rage (and with a child she had with another man that turned out to not be his).

So while I was asking Hugh to marry me...


...and we were exchanging our vows... mom and dad got married as well!

Seems he had been in love with her the whole time as well. When my mom had told him she was pregnant with me his wife had also just told him she was pregnant and they had gotten married. Then the baby was born and it couldn't have been his which is why he didn't want to believe I was his. But then he was trapped in a loveless marriage and because he didn't want to anger those around him, he stayed in it, even though he knew his heart was with someone else.

Hugh and I of course are very much in love and I am pretty sure we always will be.




After the wedding and honeymoonish type activities my mom suggested that my dad and I get to know each other in an environment that would be more conducive to calming my anger issues; so we went fishing. She said she didn't want me regretting not getting to know him and not forgiving him before he passes away (Stiles is living on borrowed time, he was 91 days when he moved in and so he could go at any second). Dad seemed to really take to it right away, guess he really is trying to make up for missing so much of my life.

Then I found out the best news, I'm pregnant.

I decided to take my maternity leave and spent the whole time fishing with my dad when I wasn't spending time with Hugh.

Little Clark kind of took us by surprise when he arrived, guess I wasn't keeping track of the days well enough.

Author's note: I don't know why she looked so upset over the baby, maybe she knows this means she will have to have another one because I need a girl. He has the Artistic and Heavy Sleeper traits.

Once we got him home Hugh said he had an idea about expanding the house to make it more like an actual house than just a handful of rooms that happened to have doors on them.

Hugh is a really good father. He plays with Clark all day long and they became best friends in no time.

My mom on the day they officially told her she was #1 on the charts and that she was at the top of her career.

So on the last day of the week I let Hugh work on his project of expanding the home and this is how it looks now.

There are still some things I would like to do, like get more windows in the rooms and maybe paint some stuff.

But I think Hugh did a good job and while I would rather spend all of my time outside, I know that is not really what my husband wants.

Author's note: Belle's lifetime wish is the master writing, master painting one so they will also be investing in a computer soon because while I want to, I am not letting Amy steal one from the library, that just seems wrong to me. Hugh's traits are Evil, Charismatic, Flirty, Childish, and I can't remember the last one but he wants 30 friends. I was surprised by the Evil trait and that he managed to befriend Belle because Evil Sims steal candy from toddlers and the second Clark got home he kept rolling the want to do that. I think that is where the eye arching came from in the 6th to last picture. Stiles want lots of money for his lifetime want so I guess his motives are still questionable, but he initiated the kiss that lead to the marriage so I am going to hope that means he still loved Amy.
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