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And week 6 is posted! Yeah!!! Week 7 will come shortly; I had actually played through Sunday (normally I stop Saturday night since that is the end of the week) since both Amy and Belle had their birthdays that day and I wanted to find out once and for all if Hugh was single.  Then I had the frustration of finding out that he had aged from a teenager straight to an adult instead of going through young adult first.  I think I actually pulled the face Sims do when something breaks while they are using it I was so upset.  Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for how to fix Hugh's age since I knew exactly how old he should have been, he may not be a young adult, but at least he now has all of his adult life to go though.  

My plan is to do some playing today and then hopefully be able to post again tomorrow for week 7 (including the birthdays) where surprises (all rolled wants) came right and left from everyone involved.

The view from the Berg home.

I think if I lived somewhere with this view I would have the Beautiful Vista moodlet as well.
Amy's Week
Amy's Week

I decided to ensure that my family will have an income whether we work or not. I am now the co-owner of the diner we occasionally eat at and then had the certificate put in my daughter's name. She works so hard and I want to make sure she is always taken care of even when I am no longer here.

I then decided to take a little time this week to enjoy the nature I have always avoided. I still don't like being outside, but there are some good things about it.

Of course, I am still doing my daily performances in the park and getting new and different people every day.

I also took up playing Chess. I've learned some logical thinking while at work because of studying music theory, but I thought I would see if I could apply some of that knowledge to the chess board.

Of course my favorite thing to do is brag about my daughter to anyone who will listen; this is one of my band-mates who happened to be over for a practice session.

Work is going well, one day I am a backup singer...

...the next day I am a pop legend.

To all of those people who thought I would never come to anything, well look at me know!

Then something unexpected happened, I got a call from Stiles, he wanted to talk, he said it was important.

I didn't know what to do at first, this man has done nothing but hurt my daughter when she tried to get to know him, but if he really wants to see her, I really can't tell him no.

Author's note: This is the first time Stiles has ever called either Amy or Belle and therefore the first time he has shown any interest in having anything to do with his family.

Stiles came over and while Belle was not excited about him being there, I reminded her that they are like in many ways (they both love the outdoors) and he is her father. She agreed to give him a chance.
Belle's Week
Belle's Week

My mom is so amazing! On the days that I don't have to work or go to school I sometimes listen to her in the park. I hope one day I can be like my mom and reach my dreams.

For now I am working hard at the Bookstore...

...doing projects for school...

...and trying to stay in shape. We may be naturally thin, but the exercise helps me to burn off some of the frustration that comes from my classmates who still pick on me for not being so willing to just buy anything and everything with my mom's money.

I also still fish almost daily, usually right after school and before work to help make sure that I don't bring any of that frustration while at work.

My mom got a call from my dad! I couldn't believe he actually had the nerve to call and say he wanted to talk. He has had so many chances and only now when she is famous does he seem at all interested in her again.

But my mom said that we should hear him out, we don't know why he did what he did all those years ago, maybe something happened that caused him to have to marry that woman. Well, all I can say is that his story better be good, because it is going to take a lot to impress me.

We went to dinner and dad talked and talked. I am still not sure if he is really here because he still loves my mom or because he thinks she has money. He said he wanted to try and spend more time with us and that he was very sorry for all of the time he wasted trying to deny that he actually had a child. He said he was going to tell his wife about us and let her know that he was going to start spending some time with us each day for as long as he had left. We shall see if that really happens.

I hope that Stiles has finally grown up and the he isn't just trying to be in their lives because Amy is famous.
Also, I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I really love how you do the week from both of their points of view. It is really interesting. :)
I'm working out how I want to write the next chapter because so much happened. There will be more with Stiles and hopefully everything will be resolved to everyone satisfaction.

I am glad you have been enjoying the two perspective posts, if I can keep doing that I will.