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I know I am playing a Legacy and cheating is a bad thing in a legacy, but it turns out Hugh went from Teen to Adult, not young adult and he is now just a few days away from being an elder.  No one has a high enough fishing, garden, or cooking skill to make the food to reset the age and I feel somewhat justified in just trying to set his age correctly.  If I could use a cheat to directly age him back down to 14 days into the young adult stage I would because I am fine with him being 14 days older than Belle, but nearly elder is just too much.

After much searching online it appears there is no cheat to age a Sim down and no cheat to increase skills so what I am going to do is stop aging and each of the three main Sims will max one of the skills needed to make the ambrosia.  I haven't been keeping track of the life time happiness points anyway and I will not count the skill maxed by Amy as part of the completion of her lifetime want which she is actually already close to completing anyway.  Once Hugh can make the dish I'll start the aging again on the the next Monday (since that is what day it is currently in game, birthdays all came on Sunday this time).  I know this breaks the Legacy aspect of this, but this made me so upset I actually asked Kevin to take me for a drive to recompose myself while I tried to figure out how to get Hugh to the right age since I knew exactly what day it was when he aged from teen to adult.  I will still continue to play the rest of the time as a regular legacy.
Do you have Awesomemod? If you do, you can use the cheat "editsim" while Hugh is selected and it will throw him back into full editing CAS. This will enable you to change his life stage back to young adult.

I don't use the NRAAS Master Controller, but I believe you can do something like that, or at least change the current life stage, with that, too.

Since I always have Awesomemod I'm not sure if this can be done with just having debug mode activated. But you could at least try it. Type in the cheat "testingcheatsenabled true" and then try using "editsim" with Hugh selected. You may need to type in his name, too. I don't know if straight up "editsim" works thanks to AM or if it's an actual debug function. If this works, you would age him to YA while in full CAS, exit to game, then use "editsim" again and age him back to full adult and exit to game again if you want to keep aging continuity and you simply want to reset his life stage back to the beginning of adult.

Of course all quote marks are to make the cheats stand out. You would use them without the quote marks. Hope this works for you!

Edited at 2011-05-23 05:28 am (UTC)
I don't have Awesomemod, but I did consider that. I may have to look into it even though I am normally very against me playing with mods in the game. Do you know if it works on macs or is it PC only?
I've heard that there is some kind of bug/funny with the tattoo parlour and that getting a tattoo done and/or having a make-over resets the sim's age. (There was talk about it over on Carl and Pam's Sims 3 Forum, though I didn't pay too much attention and so don't know if this bug affects everyone, all I remember is that tattoos are banned in some of their challenges because of this. It's also possible that the bug only affects you if you have Late Night.)
You know what is funny is I actually considered installing World Adventures because unpatched, World Adventures caused a glitch where when you look in a mirror to change appearance the life span would reset. Then I remembered that it also caused a game crippling glitch where the hand tool would become stuck and eventually I wouldn't be able to do anything in the game so I decided against that.
Yes, I'm sorry, my suggestion wasn't useful because you're only playing with the base game at the moment. I'm finally caught up to date and have been enjoying it. I especially like Belle's part of the journal.

Been researching your problem - there seems to be conflicting advice about whether or not this works. I think I'll go and test it before posting to save you wasting your time.... back soon.
Sorry, that took longer than I anticipated. When I opened up the game, my ex-challenge sim, Chester was cooking hamburgers. Whilst I double-checked what I was going to do, Chester decided that he was too hungry to wait for his burgers to cook and got some leftovers from the fridge, leaving his burgers on the stove. Needless to say, there was a fire.

The first method I found does not work but I have something that does, though it won't make Hugh a young adult. It involves him eating raw life fruit. One life fruit extends his life by one day / makes the days to aging up increase.

I opened up the cheats console by pressing control/shift/c
Typed in ' TestingCheatsEnabled true ' (without the quotes)

Opened up the cheats console again with control/shift/c
Typed in ' BuyDeBug ' (without the quotes)

Then went into Buy mode. Chose the middle button to sort the objects available to buy by types (rather than by rooms) and there is a new option, shown as a large question mark ?. Click on that and look for the garden bit. Once in the garden bit, I chose the pile of earth that said it was life fruit.

I planted several of these in the garden, got Chester to harvest them and then eat. He got younger.

If you did this with Hugh, you could after delete the plants and let the legacy carry on as normal?

PS When playing, after doing this, I generally turn TestingCheatsEnabled off again... open the cheats console, type 'TestingCheatsEnabled false'.

I have all the expansions running on my laptop and am patched up to date. I understand, from what I've read online, that BuyDeBug works with the base game but you may need to be patched.

BuyDeBug contains loads of objects and items from the game. It's an interesting section.

Hope this helps and sorry that this is so wordy.
Well, it doesn't work in an unpatched game, but since it would allow me to "fix" the problem without as bad of a cheat as I was planning on doing I will go ahead and patch the game; maybe it will fix Amy's arm glitch. This also makes the comment you left on the older post about the well rested moodlet very helpful as this means that problem will most likely be back as well.

Fingers crossed the patch and this cheat works. :-)
It worked! Although I planted way too many because I thought you only got one life fruit from each plant so I have twice as many as I need. I am planning to feed one to the omni plant at the science lab so that if this comes up again I have somewhere to get them from without having to worry that I might forget to turn off the testingcheat; man, now I can't remember if I actually turned it off.
I'm so pleased that it worked :D

It probably doesn't matter whether or not you turn testingcheat off again, as it will be off when you exit and restart your game.

That's a good idea of yours about feeding to the omni plant. There will always be some available in case of emergency, though I sincerely hope that the problem doesn't happen again.

(I'm hoping that there will be a fix for the bed-related low mood in a patch. I'm thinking that there is likely to be a patch very soon as Generations is due out and they normally provide a patch when they release a new expansion.)
There is a hack that lets you buy ALL FRUITS at MTS.
That is really good to know and if the buy debug cheat doesn't work, that will probably be my next attempt, or the Awesome mod, not sure which, will have to do some research on how broadly they change the game; trying to keep the changes to a minimum if possible.
I just realized your playing basegame only, so you'll need this one instead.
Thank you!