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Yeah, another Sim week, another entry for my journal. This entry is written the same way as the last one so the first few photos are the journal entry by Amy about her week and the rest are Belle writing about her week and there is a small heading to indicate when Belle's starts. One more Sim week and Belle will be an adult so I may be trying to play that week today (provided my head recovers from typing this).

Everything that happens during the week is something they rolled a want for almost every day (other than one part with Belle and her dad, she rolled the want to see him once and then never again after the visit).

Amy's Week
Amy's Week

Our little home is growing!

We still don't really have a kitchen, but at least the dinning table in inside, although Belle preferred it outside.

Belle's bed is still outside, but I moved the room divider to help block the view of her bed to give her a little more privacy.

This is Belle all ready for her first day of high school. I really don't think she likes it when I make a fuss over her, but I can't help it, my little girl is now a young lady.

I still spend my mornings playing for tips in the park. The band has been signed, although minus Stiles, he went for a more "dignified" type of music he said (classical).

But today was a big day for me, we have now gotten well enough known that we can do performances at different venues. The band isn't happy with me, but we do 3 shows a night on the days we don't have our contracted work with the theater.

It is strange to ride around town in what it is essentially a glorified bus. Sure, it is more comfortable than the school bus, but all of this space, for just me, very weird.

I tried to spend a little time chatting with Belle every morning to see how school is going and make sure she is doing okay.

I apologize every day that my work hours are so long, because it means I don't get to see her in the evening at all. She is such a good girl, I really don't know how she turned out that way because I was nothing like her as a child.

Also, I still have a problem with "borrowing" things. I didn't plan to and we now have enough money that I shouldn't feel like I have to (although I am saving for an actual kitchen). One night I just got this strange desire to hit the town in the middle of the night. You would not believe what people put in their backyards that isn't bolted down!
Belle's Week
Belle's Week

I got a job! I now work as a cashier at the bookstore and the owner said I could read the books so long as there are no customers! Mom was so proud of me when I told her. She said I didn't have to work, but she was very proud of me for wanting to work and going out on my own and getting a proper job.

Like my mom I also decided it would be a good idea to get in shape, guess I set the treadmill too fast.

Sometimes, on my mom's days off when she is playing in the park for the people who can't afford to go to the concerts, I go and watch her. She is so amazing and I think it is great that she tries to give back to the community so much.

She is famous enough now that a police officer has to come and make sure none of her fans get too friendly while she is playing.

Hugh and I still talk daily and I know he is the only one for me. He understands where I am coming from and he isn't just trying to be my friend because my mom is in a band that is becoming famous.

I thought once I was in high school that things would go better, but I still get picked on, but now it is for having a job. I don't know why, but none of my classmates have jobs and they are like, "your mom is famous, how can your family be so poor that you have to have a job?" I don't even bother telling them that I don't have to have a job, I wanted a job, I want to help my mom, she has done so much for me. My classmates must all be really lazy to think that having a job is stupid and that you would only have an after school job if your family is poor.

My mom started a garden when she found out she was going to have me so that we could eat really healthy food. It is small, but since she spends so much time working, I have decided to take it over since the lettuce and tomato plants make for some really good salads.

There are still times when I want to punch my classmates, but whenever that happens I just look out the window at the park and remind myself that I can go fishing after school for a little while before work. I actually feel sorry for my classmates, none of them seem to know what they want to do with their lives, they just want to hang out downtown and spend their parent's money. Where do they think that money is going to come from when their parents are no longer paying for everything.

My mom is so awesome, we have a really good relationship. We chat every day, I tell her about school, she tells me about how the band is going, ask if there is anyone I want to meet that she might be working with.

What she doesn't know is I did go to see dad; he got old!

I decided to see dad because well, he is my dad, and even though he has never been around, I still wanted to give him a chance.

I tried to talk to him about music since I know he is working with the orchestra and he said nothing.

I told him I was thinking of becoming a journalist or a novelist and he said nothing.

And then he yawned, I was actually boring him, even when I was trying to talk to him about him, and get to know him.

He questioned whether or not I was actually his daughter! Said that I wasn't interesting enough for him and he didn't know why I even bothered! Well, all I can say is, I tried, I was hoping that maybe some how he had grown up and was ready to be a dad, but I guess that is just too much to ask.

Hugh on the other hand is very mature and still loves me. We talked about my visit with my dad and he told me that if he had a child he would never treat them like my dad treated me, he would want to see them every day if he for some reason wasn't married to their mother.

To try and help me forget about the visit with my dad Hugh turned on the stereo and we danced the day away.

I know we still have a week to go before I can actually start dating Hugh, but knowing that he still loves me is one of the things that is getting me through the time and in high school and knowing what a jerk my dad is.

It's not my mom's fault, she didn't know my dad was the way he was when she met him, she said when they first met he was really nice and attentive, I guess he just had one thing in mind and once he got it, he wasn't interested in someone with no money (I found out the woman he married was even richer than he was).
That is so sad about Belle's dad. Stiles is quite obviously not interested in being a father.
I can't wait until Hugh and Belle can get together. They are going to be adorable.
I have been surprised by how little Stiles is interested in his daughter. Normally Sims at least show a little interest in their kids even if they don't like children. I have had Sims in this game before where the dad didn't live with the family and the dad would call the child all of the time to chat but in this case, Stiles has not called once.

I really hope Hugh is still single by the time Belle becomes a young adult and that he is aging at the appropriate rate. I thought about having Amy ask Hugh if he was single to make sure, but that is considered a romantic interaction and I don't want to screw up the Amy/Belle friendship that I still can't believe has lasted so long.
I also find it very sad that Stiles has wanted no part of his daughter's life. And has not helped out at all. I mean, the poor girl is having to sleep outside! What an awful man. But it looks like she's found a good guy in Hugh. I hope they will be a true couple when she grows up!
Stiles I think is the unfortunate victim of having someone with commitment issues has the mother of his child and and me playing the game on normal instead of epic because I do think if they had had more time things might have gone very differently.

Hugh is an interesting one because I was able to get Belle to learn all of his traits before she turned teen even and lets just say, I am surprised they were able to become friends. They are not all bad traits, but one of the ones he has, as an NPC, would have normally meant that these two could have never been friends so easily. He really has turned out to be a good guy despite his traits inclinations.