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So Kevin took a nap which gave me time to get the pictures uploaded and the text added. This post is going to be a bit different because while Amy is still around I want to tell her story because I find her moodlets so odd (once Belle became a child, Amy stopped having the dislikes child moodlet even though she still has the trait that means she should not have wanted to spend all day every day with Belle, I think my game is broken but in a good way there). While I was playing the game though, Belle's voice really started to show and while her hot-headed trait never showed itself, her expressions definitely tell a story I think.

The first several pictures are the journal entry from Amy and then you should see a heading that says Belle's week and that is when her entry starts; why Belle is writing a journal is explained in the first picture from Belle's week.

Amy's Week
Amy's Week

So I wanted to give everyone an update on our home. Yes, it is still small, but at least now we both have beds, no thanks to Stiles, and an actual bathroom (the tub is the one from the gym, I swore to myself once Belle was born I wouldn't borrow anything else, but you have no idea how hard it is to only have time to take a bath twice a week). Belle's bed is outdoors because she swears she never wants to set foot inside a building for her entire life; I told her she had to go to school which is indoors, but she can spend the rest of the time outside if she really wants to.

I also saved up and bought Belle an activity table she never actually used and a play stove that she got quite good with by the end of the week.

She would make muffins for herself every morning and then again in the evening after school.

I asked the bus-driver if I could take a picture of my little beauty on her way to her first day of school; I don't think Belle was happy about it, but he didn't seem to mind.

Belle is such a good student, she had an A mid way through the week from doing after school projects and getting all of her homework done.

I still can't believe she is my little girl! I never wanted a child and there were times when she was a baby I wasn't sure I was going to make it through until she was old enough to do some things for herself, but for some reason, since she has become a child I haven't had the same problems I did when she was first born.

When Belle is at school I play for tips in the park; it doesn't bring in much but it keeps the food on the table and I am hoping to eventually expand the house enough to actually have the dinning room in the house instead of outside, although I am sure Belle will continue to eat outside.

When Belle's teenage birthday came around her father didn't show, she actually told me not to invite him, that she had invited someone more important. Needless to say I was shocked when the someone more important was her former babysitter who is now an adult.

After she turned into a teen Hugh and I talked for a little bit, seems they have been keeping in touch and he really helped her deal with her father and his lack of interest in his child.
Belle's Week
Belle's Week

The teacher said I had to keep a journal to show how good I am at writing for the whole time I am in school. She was like, "and if you enjoy it, maybe you will keep it up after you graduate," yeah right.

I don't want to go to school, I just want to fish all day long. The other kids pick on me because I don't have a proper family. Mommy never says anything bad about daddy to my face, but I know it really hurt her when she found out he was married to someone else.

I tried talking to my daddy.

I told him about how I love to fish.

All he would do is complain about how mommy broke his heart and how he couldn't stand to see me because it would just remind him that mommy broke his heart. What he doesn't know is that I think mommy really liked him and if he had been around more, maybe he and mommy would have gotten married and I wouldn't be having to go to school to be picked on by everyone because I don't have a proper family.

The school is huge. Mommy is so embarrassing, she actually came on the bus and took my picture the first day; thank goodness we are the first stop on the bus route. I know she means well, I know she loves me and she is trying so hard to give me everything and more than the other kids have.

Some of my class mates pick on me because my father doesn't want me. They call me stupid which is dumb because I have the best grade in the class, the chart on the wall shows I have the most stars for homework completed next to my name. Sometimes I want to punch them but I don't because I know mommy tries so hard to do what is right and I want to be like her when I grow up and be a good person.

When I was little I had a baby sitter named Hugh Navarro, mommy doesn't know but we still talk sometimes, either at school or on the phone. He has been helping me see that not everyone has a normal family, I don't think he even knows who his parents are. One day I invited him over while mommy was at work and told him I loved him and that I hope we when are old enough we will get married.

He hugged me and let me know that I would always be special to him and that we would be friends no matter what the future holds.

On the day of my next birthday I asked mommy not to invite daddy over, I knew it would just cause problems. Instead I invited Hugh over, turns out he became an adult that morning. My birthday wish was that he would wait for me so that we could be married when I become an adult. It seems like such a long time, but I know I will never love anyone else.

So many more things that I can do now. I want to get a part-time job so I can help my mom with the bills, she works so hard so that I can have the best, besides, if I work at the bookstore maybe I can read while I am there.

Belle rolled the bookworm trait.
It is too bad that Hugh grew to an adult before she had a chance to date him. I think they would be cute together.
There is still a chance they will end up together, it just depends on what happens with Hugh while Belle is in high-school. I just couldn't believe that the day before was the day she invited him over and he was a teen and then I had the birthday in the morning so Amy could be there and he came over as an adult.