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I have the next round played, primarily due to the fact that I was not sleepy when I was supposed to be thanks to screwy sleep cycles, but we are now into the two days of Kevin's days off and on his days off I generally try and not spend loads of time doing Sims related things.  This will also give me a chance to spend more time deciding how I want to write this because when I was playing Belle's voice was much louder in my head than Amy's voice so we will see which one wins out in the end.

By the way, does anyone know if they patched the last patch that cause the Sims to never be happy and the Athletic skill to never go up?  Amy is glitched so that every few seconds she jumps into the toddler holding posse (even stands up) and then snaps back to the way she is supposed to be.  I was hoping when she became an adult that it would clear up and then again when Belle actually became a child, but so far nothing seems to want to stop this.  It isn't killing the game play, just really strange.  I am worried about patching the game because I don't want to break it more than it already appears to be.  Also, Belle does not seem to want to hold her traits, I had to use the testingcheats modify traits option on her and set the traits she randomly rolled on her birthday again until it stuck because I ended up playing half her childhood without the hot-headed trait because it wasn't sticking.
Wow, that does seem like a problem. =S I wish I knew more so that I could help you but I don't really play TS3 so I don't have any idea. If anything, I would think that hopefully the patch would fix things instead of breaking them, but I can understand why you are wary about downloading it.
The last time I had the patch installed, just a short while ago, it broke at least a couple of things badly enough that certain things in the game would have been impossible (like anything that required athletic skill). I am also not sure if there were more bugs I didn't see. The glitch Amy is currently under doesn't break the game, it just more an annoyance. Fortunately the glitch for Belle is manageable because all I have to do is save, reload, and then do the modify traits cheat to put the randomly rolled trait in, unfortunately it also means I have to remember to do that and it doesn't always take the first time. Hopefully once Generations comes out they will release another patch that will patch the patch they already have out, I am guessing that is why they haven't fixed it already, but I will still back up the game before installing it just in case they break it more.
Well good luck with that! I really hope that you can get it figured out.