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Since I am not worrying too much about any mistakes made while playing and I am just sort of letting the game happen I am getting through the week much faster than I normally can (usually one week in the Sim game takes one week in real time) so I am hopeful that this means I will actually be able to complete this legacy, but for now, one step at a time.

This Sim week had some surprises, primarily at the end of the week which you will see at the close of this week's photos.

Right after Belle became a toddler Stiles ran off without even saying "hi" to his daughter; he didn't even touch her.

I got her some toys to help her start off on the right foot, she immediately took to the xylophone.

On the last day of my maternity leave I decided to take a day at the gym to use the tub because I am so tired. I brought Belle with me because I wasn't sure how the babysitter service would work out; I know I need to eventually trust them with my baby, but I am just not ready yet, I don't want my little girl raised by a stranger like I was.

The bath was just what I needed and Belle seemed mesmerized by her reflection in the mirror. Her hair is starting to grow out so I put a little bow in it.

I am also trying to get her basic skills covered so people can see that I am a good mother.

Unfortunately I do have to go back to work and so I hired the babysitter; he actually seemed to do a really good job and by the end of the first day they were best friends.

Belle is growing and learning so fast; she can already talk and I am trying to teach her about music. I haven't told her about her father yet as he is even more and more distant at work. After talking to the rest of the band I have learned he has always been a loner and they were actually surprised he had even started dating me; that still doesn't make it right that he never comes over to see his daughter.

I decided to invite Stiles to the gym to see his daughter in a neutral place while giving him the option to help her learn how to walk. He never showed, we were there all day and he never showed.

Despite not having a father in her life Belle is a very happy baby. Every time I see her she is smiling and happy; I don't know how I managed to raise such a happy baby.

When Belle's next birthday came I told Stiles he had to show up, she is going to be a child and she will remember this; he didn't look happy about being there.

Again I had to force Stiles to participate in the birthday celebrations and I let him know that if he bolted right after she became a child he would be publicly humiliated.

I can't believe my little baby is going to be a big girl.

She grew up beautifully, but I think some of the problems that her father and I are having did effect her and that is something I never wanted to happen.

Stiles did manage to stay around for the cake.

I let him know that I need to talk to him about Belle and how he needed to be a part of her life.

Instead of talking Stiles decided to lean in and kiss me.

Then when I asked him to start spending time with his daughter more and helping to pay for her bed he snapped. It turns out that while I was raising our toddler he started dating and then married another woman. He said he couldn't give me any more money (not that he had given me any since that day in the library) because his wife was already wondering why he was going out on a Saturday when he normally spends that day with her.

I couldn't believe that he would do this to me. So not only will he no longer be coming to see Belle, he cheated on his wife when he kissed me. I told him I was not going to be the one that breaks up a marriage and that I would raise our daughter on my own and he didn't need to do anything to help anymore. Why he seemed upset that I wouldn't make out with him once I found he was married I will never understand.

At least he did say "hi" to Belle, I just hope that when Belle gets older and starts being interested in men that she doesn't have the same luck I have had.

Belle has developed anger management issues, but it seems fishing helps to keep her calm; I am really glad there is a pond across the road from our home that she can spend her free time at.

Belle starts school soon so I really hope that the calming of the fishing will prevent any of her anger issues at school.

Belle rolled hot-headed for her third trait.

Aww poor Bella. Stiles seems like a right jerk!
Or is that because your founder (Forgot her name sorry) isn't allowed to marry?
Amy is allowed to marry, but only if she rolls the want for it which is true of all of the heirs. She has rolled all kinds of wants to make out with him and to woohoo him, but never to marry him. Stiles did actually marry someone randomly during the week. I had been checking to make sure Amy was still considered his girlfriend during the week and then on the day of the birthday I noticed he had a wife when I checked his stats; color me shocked, I didn't think he would break up with Amy and marry someone out of the blue like that. Maybe since she hadn't seen him in person for a while (he kept saying he was busy) the stat didn't roll over as soon as it actually happened, but I really can't say for sure.

Stiles really has turned into a bit of jerk, but his traits are frugal and loner so I wasn't surprised he stopped giving Amy money when she asked and I just thought that he wasn't coming over because he was a loner but it may have been because of his wife.
Belle is cute.
It is too bad about Stiles. He isn't that great of a father.
I've used Stiles before and the loner trait does make it difficult for him to handle very many children.

I was so happy when Belle grow up looking cute; sometimes Sim children really get an odd mix from their parents, but Amy and Stiles are pretty okay looking so I was hopeful she would come out okay.
How dare he get married to another woman while he had a daughter growing up without him! I really do not like that sim now! Lol, but Belle is a cutie pie and hopefully she won't be a bully at school!
Gotta love story progression in The Sims 3. I was worried when I completely flubbed getting Amy dating someone during the first week that all of the single men would be gone so I was really happy Stiles was still single, just wasn't expecting after she started dating him that he would get married.

I will admit that I did think about aging him to an elder while he was there for Belle's birthday as pay back for turning into such a horrible father.