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Week 2 of my Legacy of Randomness. I was able to push forward the Legacy finally as will be obvious shortly in the story below.

I can't believe I am dating Stiles! So I invited him over to see where things would go and it seems he had been eyeing me up at the rehearsals. It didn't take long before we were kissing and I confessed my attraction to him.

That night Stiles suggested we go to the theater for the "tour" and see some new sites.

Turned out those sites are the room he used to sleep when he was first starting the band. We made use of the old mattress that was still there for some one on one time ;-)

A few days later I found out I was pregnant. How could this have happened? What is Stiles going to say? How am I going to pay for a baby?

So I managed to find Stiles at the Library and told him he was going to be a father, he seemed shocked but happy.

I told him I still wanted to be part of the band; I may be having a baby, but it is his baby and I am not giving up on my dream.

I also asked him for some money to help pay for a crib, he gave me $21; seriously $21! This guy is a cheapskate; I wonder if the reason the band isn't already mainstream is because he doesn't want to pay for things we would need to get jobs outside of the theater. He is supposed to be rich, guess I should have known, men are so useless.

At least it looks like he believes me that it is his baby.

A while later the baby decided it was time to come.

Fortunately there is free health care here so I was able to go to the hospital for the birth of my child.

Remarkably Stiles actually showed up as well.

I welcomed baby Belle because she is so beautiful. I may not have wanted a child, but I am going to try and take better care of her than my mom took of me.

Stiles seemed to think that he had to come home with us. He has been distant at work and not returning my phone calls so I don't know what he is thinking, probably just for show.

As soon as I got home I put Belle in her crib and fell asleep. Stiles decided to spend the night on his own but I made him sleep outside.

Belle Berg:

Loves the Outdoors (yeah)

I am doing the best I can, she is growing so fast and somehow, despite my resistance, we are becoming friends. She actually seems to look happy when I pick her up, feed her, play with her. How is it that this little being loves me?

When Belle's birthday came around I told Stiles he had to be there. He showed up and then stuck his nose in a book and I was like "hey, doofus, it is your daughter's birthday, act happy!" He was grumbling about how if he had had a boy he could teach him to play drums, I don't see why he doesn't think a girl couldn't play the drums.

At least he did eventually pretend to be happy.

Baby Belle is now a toddler. I got her a pretty yellow dress for her birthday. I don't know how I am going to pay for the babysitter I am going to need. Stiles doesn't seem to want to give any more money and I don't earn that much from the day gigs at the theater. Hopefully I will be able to make this work and Belle won't end up with the same problems I had.
Welcome baby Belle.
Stiles needs to step up and take care of his responsibilities. At least it seems like (omg, I forgot your Sims name.*embarrassed*), well it seems she is overcoming her dislike of children for Belle's sake.
Remarkably, Amy is staying pretty happy most of the time despite the fact that she still doesn't have a bed and she has to spend a lot of time outside taking care of her child and other random things around the house. She did "borrow" a stereo from one of the neighbors and the mood boost from that more than offsets the mood reduction from the outdoors. It is going to be interesting though seeing if she makes it through the toddler stage and it will be even more interesting to see if Belle gets all of the skill building done. This will most likely be the only child as I think a second one would send Amy over the deep end.

Don't worry about forgetting any of my Sims' names, I don't think I even mentioned Amy's in this post (oops), I have also been know to forget which Sim was which or what their name was when reading other people's journals; when a Sim has 10 children, I don't know how anyone can keep them straight.
Belle is cute. :) Hopefully things will start looking up for this family.
Yeah, I am hoping that next week I will be able to buy Amy a guitar (she has been leveling up in job by studying music theory at work). It would probably be going better if I actually sold the stuff she stole, but instead I seem to just want to put it all out as random lawn furniture until she can afford to actually build a couple of more rooms.