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Yeah, I managed to get through the first week in one day, with a few breaks from the computer screen. Probably because I am so annoyed with my desktop right now, I just sort of plowed through the first week and while it probably wasn't ideally played (kind of forgot to have her work on the baby daddy part after I found a potential baby daddy for her) and I missed a lot of picture taking opportunities due to lack of focus, for what I had to work with, I am happy with this entry.


So my counselor said I should start a journal to help me with my "issues," hence what you are reading now. I don't think I have issues, but what do I know.

You may be wondering why I had a counselor, well, I spent a lot of time going in an out of juvenile hall because of my "bad habit" of picking things up that other people left out; if it wasn't free, why was it outside, stupid neighbors, who ever heard of lawn furniture. My counselor said that my father leaving before I was born is why I have issues with men and that growing up poor is why I tend to "pick up things" that aren't mine.

If that is true then spending time in juvenile hall is probably why I never want children and hate the outdoors because they always made us stay outside all day for "socializing" as they called it; really it was just the bigger kids beating up the smaller kids.

So the reintegration counselor helped me find a place, he said it was "large with great views."

Don't know how I can afford large with great views on the money that was left to me when my mom passed away, but that is what he said and it sounded good so I said okay.

Say what?!?! Where is the house? This is not a large house with great views, this is a large plot of land! What does he expect me to do, I don't even have a tent. How am I supposed to live here?

I didn't think I was going to have to figure out how to support myself so quickly.

Man, first day out on my own and I am already having to scrounge for food, hope no one misses this cereal I found in the fridge at this gym. At least I can take showers and stuff.

Since I am here I might as well work out, I don't know what I am in for, all I know is some day I am going to be a Rock Star and you have to be in good shape to keep up with all of the performances and whatnot.

Wow, first day and I am way in over my head. At least this bathtub is nice, I have to get one of these when I become rich.

My neighbors won't mind if I borrow some of their extra furniture, they did leave it outside and it is perfectly good seating. I need it more than they do.

Well, it may not be much, but it is home for now. At least I don't have to spend all day outside again.

I met the hottest guy at the park! I was having a look around town seeing if there were any help wanted ads, I have to find some way to improve my living arrangements, when I met Stiles, isn't his name awesome!

Turns out Stiles is with a band in town and they need a lead singer, their bailed on them at the first chance she got.

I told him I would love to try out for them and he seemed pretty excited about me.

They rent out rehearsal time at the theater so I met with the band there and can you believe it, they let me join. My dream of becoming a Rock Star is already starting to happen, and the guys in the band are kind of nice to look at. I know I have issues with men, but that doesn't mean I don't like looking at them.

After practice the reality of my situation reminded me that I am not a Rock Star yet. I am not proud of what I have to do to find things to sell while we get good enough to perform in front of an audience, but it is what I have to do and someday I will be in inspiration to others who want to follow their dreams.

Now that I am in a real band, I really have to start working. I managed to boot a lady off the treadmill so I could get in a workout before practice.

This week is going by so quickly. I still don't really have much of an income, but they said that soon we will be able to start making some money by playing at the theater during the day while they do tours so that people can see what the place looks like while it is actually working (since they don't do tours at night when they show movies).

My neighbors have kindly lent me a good bit of furniture and the divider is from the theater, it was leaning against the wall collecting dust so I doubt anyone is going to miss it. And before you say anything, I don't consider this lawn furniture, this is all stuff that will eventually be in my mansion once I have the money to build it.

For now I am just happy to be out of juvenile hall and to have a home. Maybe tomorrow I can invite Stiles over and see if we can be more than just friends; one of the other members of the band let slip that he is rich and it would be nice to have a rich boyfriend ;-)
Lol, this is the greatest beginning to a legacy that I have ever read! I swear, I was laughing the whole way through. "My neighbors have kindly lent me a good bit of furniture..." Lol, too funny! Great job and I'm really looking forward to the next update!
Wow, that is high praise indeed. It really means a lot as I am never sure if my style of humor is really coming through (I am not a funny person in person) and so I always wonder if what is making me laugh will actually make someone else laugh. Thank you very much, hopefully future updates will be close to as enjoyable as this entry.
I love it so far. It is so nice that her neighbors are allowing her to "borrow" their furniture. =P
I'm glad you are enjoyed it. Yeah it is always great to have nice neighbors.
I kind of like the way you are writing this, journalese ;)
It sure will be hard to start a legacy family with a Sim who dislikes children. At least her neighbors let her "borrow" some furniture so she can be a bit more comfortable then most legacy starters.

Sorry about your computer problems. I know how frustrating it can be.
I guess it is easier for me to write journal style posts since that is what I am used to for the entries about me.

hahaha, when I was making her I was thinking, what would be the worst possible traits to start with, because I figure if I can manage a founder with those traits, all of the other generations should be easy.

We did manage to get the desktop back on, but until we are able to figure out what is going on I am treating it like it is still down. I don't want to start something and then have the computer go up in smoke again.