Yeah, another Legacy to attempt, hopefully this will last longer since I am not playing on Epic mode right now.

So this is Amy Berg and I have no idea where I got that name from, it just sort of popped into my head and I decided it was good enough. She is a young adult, with no skills and very few good qualities, in fact, you might say she has no good qualities.

Commitment Issues
Dislikes Children
Hates the Outdoors

She is a Renaissance Sim which means she wants to max 3 skills.

You may be wondering why I made a Sim like Amy as the founder of a Legacy since it involves a lot of lawn living, marrying, and children. Well, I decided this would be infinitely more entertaining than the Mary Poppins type Sims I normally make who can Cook, Clean, Garden, ect. This will also force me to build a house which thanks to the open neighborhood of The Sims 3 I normally ignore. Now I could do like what I attempted last time and just have her live in the gym, but since I am going to try and play by the stricter rules that require normal life spans and no aging up as soon as babies are born I am guessing a house will be in her future much sooner than normal for me.

This will be a matriarchy and the baby daddies will only move in if the heir rolls the want to marry them (so most likely not on the first generation). Posts will come as often as I remember to do them and will probably have a limited number of photos because of the way the editing program on this laptop works (yeah Mac) hopefully I will eventually figure out an easier way to resize them other than one at a time.

And she has her home, well, lawn, home will come shortly once I reboot the game again and try and decide what to do next.

Extra info about her. She loves the color yellow, pop music, and cookies because honestly, who doesn't like a good cookie every now and then.

For some reason I always like the shot of the Sim with the mailbox and trash can and nothing else for the opening shot, although this time I elect to have her looking away from the camera out into the vast space that she really would like to get away from. This will not be a legacy were the Sim and the creator fight, I don't even plan to reference myself in it apart from this post. I do not expect there to be a plot either, this will be more like if she were writing a blog and then her offspring continue it once it is their turn.