So as some of you may or may not remember, my computer is over 5 years old and attempting to very slowly die. I have been getting more will not turn on or will not turn off problems and now for some reason I cannot figure out, it has decided the Internet is bad and will not even see the router (I am typing this on my iPod) plus the my computer area just locked up and it now will not turn off again. I am thinking this means I should just do The Sims 3 play on my laptop since I also currently cannot get discs to spin in desktop.

So I will be starting a fresh game and either attempting a legacy or will play through all or the pre-loaded families. I am thinking legacy because I think I am finally in the head space to complete one. Will just be playing with the base game because the laptop cannot handle too many expansions and I want to make sure I can keep my Sims alive.

Stupid computer!!!!!!!