So I am back again with another attempt at playing The Sims Deluxe. If I had realized before I uninstalled and reinstalled the game that the error message I was getting had nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the anti-virus program being stupid I would never have uninstalled so I don't consider this a failing on my part, just really annoying. But this does allow for some "improvements" to the neighborhood I was playing which you will see in the pictures and text below; if you have been following the troubles with the errors you most likely already know what I did.

So I decided to show the screen shots of the neighborhoods in reverse order (this is neighborhood 3) so that it was obvious which houses in neighborhoods 1 and 2 were downloaded. When you first load the game neighborhood 3 is a blank neighborhood and fortunately, all of the families on were for different lots so I didn't have to worry about someone replacing a lot I had just placed.

Neighborhood 2 got 3 of the downloaded homes as I still plan to play the pre-built homes that come with this neighborhood eventually. Not a completely full neighborhood, but getting there, and my plan is to mainly use this to photograph the pre-built homes (although I may change my mind later).

And finally, neighborhood 1; it actually got 4 downloaded homes, only missing the one at the very top on the right because there was already a home there and that will be the goal home. I have decided that once a family can afford to move in and fully furnish it, I have probably mastered everything I am going to master with this game because that is a rather expensive house.

Now because we have three Sim bin families and three empty houses that are not the goal home and one of them costs too much, I have decided that I am going to allow myself to do a little cheating with the Pleasant family just to get them in the biggest of the three remaining houses and the bare minimum of furniture, but anything beyond that they have to earn. The Roomies will be getting the home that was in the previous round, the Pleasant's home and Michael will live where he lived last time, just without the initial mistake made on the cooking options.

I also realized when I was adding in the new homes that I had completely forgotten that Livin' Large came with five additional jobs, so I made a chart and picked a Sim for each job unless they already had a job in a specific field. This also let me know that I have 17 adult Sims which means I may now have enough for everyone to be able to make it to the top of their determined careers. The only Sim that didn't get a job based solely on personality points was Bella Goth, because when I look at her I just feel like she would be in Politics and while her personality does nothing to speed up skill building for that career, I just really felt like she would be in politics or come from a political family background.

I'm going to be posting the bios for each family and remembered that in this game they gave you a web page with all of the information so I thought I would show what it looked like. Just due to the size of pages and the quantity of them I will only post the screen shot of this one and the rest I am just going to copy the text from, but I wanted you to see where I was getting it from. I will post them for each family as I play/post because this would just take too much space, although I might end up posting the screen shots if I am only doing one family per post since then you could also see who the info is about.

Wish they did something like this in the other Sims games, so much easier than loading each home and having to write/type all of the stuff down.