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The Sims Deluxe - more about the error

So I installed House Party and the error was still there, not only that, but since The Sims Deluxe technically came after House Party, it made me reinstall The Sims Deluxe after I installed House Party and I had to use the Deluxe disc, so at this point I am not sure how far into the expansions I would have to go to find one that worked.  After that happened I decided to uninstall again and just leave it as The Sims Deluxe since that is what I was playing before this all started, so the next post will be showing the new neighborhood one, with new neighbors thanks to that backup disc of downloads from I found.  This also allowed me to have more than one family on neighborhood two and I have set neighborhood three as just the families downloaded from, but those two neighborhoods will most likely not be played, just used to photograph the homes that are not in neighborhood one.

I did do some research into the error at it seems to be a very common one and not actually about the game, but most likely caused when my anti-virus program was renewed and updated since the previous license had expired.  This seems to be a catch all error when something isn't removed properly (i.e. your anti-virus program has to be completely uninstalled for the updated one to be installed) and since we let the program do the uninstall and reinstall for us, it appears it didn't do as good of a job as if we had uninstalled via the control panel add/remove first and then installed the updated program.  Thing is, if it isn't going to hurt the game, and I am not sure if uninstalling and reinstalling the anti-virus program would actually do any good, I don't know if it is worth the effort to try and fix since I need Kevin to do the uninstalling and installing (it's his account). 

I have also started playing The Sims 2 Castaway (for the Wii) as something to do when I am feeling the need to play Sims, but not feeling creative since it is directed game play and not, build a house and decorate it/soap opera game play.  I have only made one Sim for this round because I do not feel like having to try and keep more than one Sim alive (I considered making me and Kevin but then realized if one of us died in the game I would be a wreck).  We do have the Prima guide for the game, but other than trying to figure out how to fish, I am trying not to look at it too much since the basic mechanics of the game is simply running around a lot collecting everything you can collect until it stop replenishing and then moving on to the next lot.  Maybe if I do well with one Sim I will make a random party of how every many they allow me just to see if it is easier or harder with lots of Sims.  Anyway, so far all I have done is make the Sim and get through the introductory part of this is how you feed your Sim and how you make them sleep, other than that not much has happened.

Since I remembered someone did ask about the Sims changing in a shower curtain, in The Sims 2 Castaway for the Wii, when they go to the toilet they use a shower curtain to retain their modesty, not sure if that is what was meant, but so far that is the only place I have seen it.
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