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So I did the reinstall, even managed to find my disc of backup downloads from thesims.ea.com site, went to load the game, and the error is still popping up.  It says there is no disc which makes no sense, but if I hit cancel enough times it loads anyway.  I am now starting  to wonder if it is the updated anti-virus program because that was done around the same time as the Body Shop type program was looked at.

Kevin says he thinks it is the games way of telling me it is time to move on; I am not ready to do that yet.  Currently trying to decide if maybe installing the House Party disc will help any since it will be a different disc for it to look at and maybe it will not throw the same error message.  Could also be that XP was just not meant to run The Sims :-(

Vision is starting to go so that means bedtime for me.
I'm sorry it's not working. Hopefully installing an expansion will help.
Fortunately House Party didn't change of the game play too much, I am just trying to decide if I need to uninstall and reinstall again, or since all I did was add the thesims.ea.com downloads, if just adding House Party will be okay. Also trying to decide if I still get the error, should I dial it back to just the Deluxe game and take House Party out.