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Since I do not know CSS I can't add back in the navigation menu that was previously on the left hand side, but I liked the colors and wanted something rainbow so until I find something better, this will be a nice change of pace.
This one is bright. :D
Bright and cheerful, just the way I wanted it. I might see if I can get the text darker though, this is getting hard to read if I look at something with more than a few lines of text.
Looks like that will require me learning CSS because there is nothing on the Journal Style Page to change it.
Link me to the CSS download page where you got this and I'll try to identify the necessary line(s) for you. I don't know CSS, either, but this sort of stuff, like changing colours, is pretty easy. It just requires some minor changes in coding and I also use Photoshop to identify the colours so that I know which lines to edit.
Thank you, it is one of the free livejournal themes so I am not sure where to find the actual CSS. I know at my job I had before the migraines started there was a plug-in we could use in Firefox to show us the CSS of a site so I might try and see if I can remember which one that was.
Thinking I might just need a line for the text based on the CSS add page, "If you'd like to add custom CSS to this style, enter it here." but we would need to know how it was identified in the CSS to make sure it was labeled correctly (the lead web designer kept reminding everyone in Customer Service why she was the only one to make Style Tags (so they would be the same across all sites and easier to update).
Ah, OK... What's the name of the style? I'll apply it to a "spare" LJ and see if I can have a dig in the settings.
http://www.livejournal.com/customize/?designer=Dana%20Ankenbauer&filter_available=1&show=all - the one labeled Sidewalk Chalk - Just want to make it a more readable blue, but if it is easier black text is fine as well. Thank you for any and all help :-)
Yeah, I already found it and looked at it. Okie dokie!

Click on Home, then on the left hand side in the options go to Journal Style. You will get to the page where you get to choose a new journal style. On the right hand side there will be a small box with a picture preview of your journal and one of the options to click will be Customise Your Theme. Click it.

Next, you select Style from the options. When that opens up, the journal colours are the top options. To change the light blue text you have right now you need to click on the Entries option and the text colour is the last one. It's the only blue among the options so you can't miss it.
Thank you so much, I swear I looked through that whole page but missed that (probably because it was collapsed and I couldn't see it). Fortunately there are tons of color charts online so I was able to find a blue that stands out well quickly.