So after finding my lost disc I decided to load up the Petz 5 game and get everyone feed. Turns out it was also the day Chichi and Homebody would give birth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

What this picture does not show is that the infant is nearly as big as his mama so this may be a sheepdog sized puppy when it grows up. But aside from that, I love that it has the sheepdog split in color, but instead of gray and white, it is tan and cream.

The name of this file is oh_my_goodness. I had been hoping that I would get an orange cat with the Persian body, and I did, in the first one, and sort of in the last one, I just wasn't expecting 4 kittens all at once.

These are the names I picked for them. I found I can change them later if I don't like them, but they will most likely stick. Man, I am going to need to make a chart when it comes time to finding mates for these four, if they mate, I am not sure yet, my slow increase in pets through breeding just took a rapid jump.