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This post is actually light on pictures, not because I didn't take any, but because I just couldn't find as much to take pictures of (the Pleasants do the same thing every day and the Goths nearly died out but I posted pictures of why).

I decided since they are supposed to be brother and sister that Michael and Bella should be friends. Fortunately she did actually meet him on one of the previous plays and he was okay with coming over for a visit. Only problem, since this game does not really account for family relationships (more on that at the bottom of the post), once they were high enough on the friend level they could flirt with each other which I found a bit disturbing.

Mortimer caused this fire. The Goths will most likely remain the only family with a stove unless I decide I need to eliminate a household.

And for those who don't remember or don't know, this is what a baby being born looks like in The Sims; that is the extent of the animation, there is no more.

They clamped for about a Sim hour.

This is what a baby looks like in The Sims; kind of makes you grateful for the way babies looked in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. Also, this baby is a girl, I named her Alexandria because they will not be having another. I still had two more days of baby hell to get through by the end of the three days this rotation before this one becomes of any use to Cassandra as a friend since the Pleasant children don't seem to ever want to come over.

It took three days of work for Jeff to be able to afford the much need exercise machine. Now I just hope they can afford their maid on the first day of the next rotation before he gets home. This family is always broke because with four mouths and no savings when they first started, they run through the money a lot faster than the other families even though he has a better paying job.

The only reason the Goths aren't broke is because they had saving and I really haven't had to buy much for them.

Now for something the same, but not about the families I have been playing.

Since I restarted playing The Sims I have been trying to read a page or two a day of the guide that came with the game (this one is actually good compared to the ones that came with the other games) trying to see if there is anything I am missing as far as game play elements and just in general trying to make sure that I am getting as much as I can out of my game play. I'm not done reading it yet, but I am a little over half way through so I thought I would post the things I found interesting so far and what I am going to do to change the game play to account for what I have learned.

First I have learned that family relationships including marriage means nothing in The Sims. According to the guide "It's an event, not a state." so unlike The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, there is no indicator of who is married to who in the Relationship panel and someone could get married several times without ever having to break up with Sims previously married to. They also only allow opposite-sex marriages, but same-sex romances are allowed, which surprised me because I didn't remember that.   Also, no one is actually related to anyone in the game, not even children to their parents. This probably surprised me most of all considering how important parent/child relationships are in the other versions of the game.

You can only move into the home of another Sim of the same gender through the propose move in option and you can only move into the home of another Sim of the opposite gender through the propose marriage option. It also does not look like Sims can move out of houses once they have moved in which derails a plan I had for once I got House Party installed. It appears the only way a Sim can move out is if they loose a fight with another Sim living in their house and then they move completely out of the game.

Right now I am on the part about jobs and it reminded me that there are more jobs available than just the ones I am using so I am going to slowly try and figure out which jobs best fit the Sims in the neighborhood. They will either get a new job because it is in their backstory information, it fits their personality better, or failing those two, they already have a few skills for it and it isn't the same job they already have. I have also decide the housewives of the neighborhood will be getting jobs, although Bella will wait until the new baby is a child. It may take several rotations before everyone is in their new job since I do not plan to use the computer and the newspaper only has one job per day. These jobs will also carry over as new expansion packs are added unless they come with new jobs (most of the original games expansion packs did not come with additional jobs) and then I will see if any of those are more appropriate for the Sims that do not come with a job listed in their backstory.
Also, this baby is a girl, I named her Alexandria because they will not be having another

So they got their Alex after all. :-)

If you can get pictures of the shower curtain they change clothes with, I'd love to show it to my daughter. I was telling her about it the other day.
I know I have seen the Sims changing in a shower curtain, but I am not sure if it is in this version of the game. I will have to check because they don't do that getting out of the shower and no one has a dresser yet. I was considering giving Bob and Betty Newbie some new clothing since they are now no longer poor and have a few body points so I don't think they should look over weight.

If it is not in here, it might have been in The Sims Castaway for the PC/console because I am pretty sure I saw something like that in there, but it will be a while before I get back to that game, but I am sure there is a picture online somewhere so I will see if I can find one.