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The Sims Deluxe - Post 6

So this post is long because it has the Newbies, Michael Bachelor, and the Roomies in it. I guess it is better to take too many pictures than not take enough and then get frustrated when you can't show something funny the Sims did.

Paying the first bill of the neighborhood. It was $190, man Sims living is cheap, then again I didn't buy them much and I have a feeling most of their stuff is fully depreciated.

I decided that even if they are not going to be in love they will at least be friends.




...tickling (which actually requires a higher friend score than hugging)...

...finally telling a joke (which I later learned requires and even hire score than tickling)!

Oh look, Mortimer decided to drop by.

Betty was nice and cooked for everyone.

Bob decided to try and make friends with Mortimer.

Betty decided they needed a maid (I think everyone has one now).

Yeah friends, although like the two occupants of this house, for some reason the relationship score drops faster in this house than it does in any other no matter what I do so this only lasted until the next morning. Stupid relationship decay coding. I am sure there is a cheat to make them friends and keep them that way, but I really want to get this figured out on my own.

I decided that to increase body skill the Newbies would be the house in the neighborhood with a pool. Everywhere I have lived there has always been one house with a pool in the neighborhood; the house everyone seemed to want to be friends with the owners of (except in the case of my family, guess my whole family is really only social when at work).

It is a small pool but I think it is big enough and it fits with the size of the house.

The no body points dive.

There is no indicator that they are skill building, at this point I started to worry that this didn't skill build. After a while I got the pop up that Betty had gained a point, so the panic of having to save up more money to buy an exercise machine was averted.

Bob really didn't want to dive into the pool and kept canceling the action on his own.

It looks like she is going to land on his head.

I just thought this was cute.

Yeah, they are friends so they can sleep in the same bed!

See, group meals are bad in this game. I missed the shot of them when they both had minus signs over their heads.

And the mail lady indicates that this is the last day of the rotation for them.

She has one body skill point when she did this.

I decided it was time to throw another party but since I don't have house party installed yet the balloons didn't really do much.

But they still managed to get half of the adults in the neighborhood to show up by inviting everyone over.

Mortimer Goth, Jeff Pleasant, Melissa Roomies, Michael Bachelor, and Bella Goth (left to right that aren't the Newbies)

Now to Michael's house, his first bill was $263! What the heck, he has a smaller house, then again, all of his stuff was new so less depreciation by the time the bill was delivered.

Moved the kitchen outside.

Invited Melissa over to get a motives boost before work.

Why do most of my Sim's make-outs take place in the bathroom?

I do miss Sims being able to marry the Service NPCs.

I was trying to get his bedroom score to improve, that didn't help has much as I was hoping it would, but he doesn't have a lot of money to spend on art right now.

Invited the Pleasants over to try and get the promotion again.

He is nearly friends with Jeff but unfortunately a poorly timed entertain lost most of the points gained from this.

The ranking of how high the relationship score has to be for different interaction to be successful seems a little messed up.

He did manage to get the promotion though so he now needs creativity...

...and charisma.

I really need to ask Kevin about how to take video in game because I was cracking up over the animation for this, it looked like he was trying to hula.

New car!

I decided to recreate the structure of the outside of the first house in the loading video for the game so the Roomies had to stand outside while I took down their large house and made it smaller and more manageable. They will get the two story version once they have the money for it, but I just really wanted to build that house and they were the only ones with a non-Maxis house.

It sort of looks like it, used different windows because to save money I didn't sell the ones they already had and just reused them. I think a single person would do better in here, but since I was putting all of the dinning stuff outside anyway and the kitchen got moved outside it turned out okay indoors.

Living room, so far no traffic jams

Bedroom, I will probably upgrade their beds when they can afford the best ones.

The bathroom got rearranged after this.

Party area

Kitchen and dinning along with their lone work out machine.

This is what I mean by Chris is not a morning person, she does this every morning; something else I would video if I could figure out how.

Their first bill was for $219, I am not sure if shrinking the house helped or not.

Chris is having a fun score problem, her's seems to drop faster than Melissa's.

Melissa got promoted to Minor Leaguer so she needed another body point.

I decided to have them chat for a while because it turns out that despite the partying from the last rotation these two were not friends.

See, every more, cracks me up every time because I can imagine people doing this in real life.

Melissa got promoted again, this time to Rookie. She needs 3 more body skill points but I decided to have her study Cooking for a while.

Chris is trying to catch up with Melissa.

More chatting and they did mange to become friends.

Since they were doing so well I bought them painting. I am pretending the big one is of Chris so it is at the foot of her bed.

Another bill, last night of the rotation.

Melissa invited Michael over since she hadn't seen him yet at her home of the rotation. He brought a gift which I don't think you can get unless it is given as a gift so I am happy someone got it.

Michael: "Here you go love"

Melissa: "Thank you!"

Michael: "No prob babe"

Doesn't he look like he is waving bye even though he just got there?

I think I will leave the vase there.

They still love each other.

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