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Yeah, last home of the rotation, still a little picture heavy, but I am just glad our internet and my head is working well enough to post this.

#10 Sim Lane, I love the outside of this house although not really conducive to a family of four, this was the only remaining pre-built home that had any chance of fitting all of them without a major renovation and would leave (just barely) enough money to buy the essentials.

The back of the house

This is the back room in the house and while the fire place is dangerous in all Sims games, I did decide to keep; nothing like the threat of a whole house wipe-out to make you pay attention to your Sims.

I think this is supposed to be the kitchen and living room, but it got a modification which you will see shortly.

This house has a formal entrance which was turned into the smallest functional living room ever in my game because I needed the original living room space for more important things. The room with the weird wall/floor combination is the bathroom and so far the only room to cause any traffic problems, but that is normal for a Sims game.

The other non-match room was turned into the kids room solely because of wall color, I didn't think brown stucco would be good for small children but okay for the adults.

So the floor plan as it originally was...

Once I added a bed room for the adults (with the fire place) and furniture. They almost didn't have enough money to eat that first day.

Again, dinning table outside because that is the only place it fits if you want more than one person to be able to get to it.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to section of the parents bedroom without making the hallway of doom because I didn't want the only way to get into the kids room to be through the bathroom. Well, maybe not hours, but it took a lot longer than it probably needed to as I built, then undid this wall in various configurations dozens of times before I felt like it left enough room for the adults to get into and out of bed without trapping each other in the room. I did add a fire alarm to their room as well.

Kids room, no toys because no money and there are more important things to buy.

Bathroom, this also went through some rearranging just trying to make sure I didn't trap anyone in there due to poor placement of something.

What currently qualifies as a living room.

Not sure why I did another images of the dinning table, moving on, my brain will last through typing this whole post, I am certain of it.

Daniel and Jennifer Pleasant the second I unfroze time on the lot. By the end of three Sim days they have a 100 friendship with each other because when they were home they did this all the time if they were not sleeping or eating. If only the adults could do something like this or at least with their children, might save some of my families.

I was going to not hire the gardener, but comfort drops too fast, still, Diane did start doing this on her own.

I was going to have Jeff get a job and then found out he already has a job in Military. Jeff is also the only Sim I care to get leveled up in his career because somewhere I read something about him wanting to be an astronaut, but now I cannot find where.

Michael and Betty showed up together, maybe they have patched things up from their first meeting.

They really are a Pleasant household, only one where every social (non-group) interaction resulted in a + sign.

Bob Newbie showed up to keep an eye on his wife I think.

They kept playing swap conversation partners until someone I could check mood on got hungry.

Again, why do these Sims fall out of love so easily?!

Crush kiss...

Love kiss!

Still playing!

I think the pajamas are cute.

From another angle because this is as close as I can get in the picture taking. There are also only four camera angle in this game and it seems the Sims refuse to stand so you can take straight on photos of them.

The Military vehicle. The only problem with this job is it started so early that he was not able to go to work on the first day so by the time they went to bed they were down to $3.

These too like to dance, if I don't make them do something, they are dancing. I wish this version of the game had a video option because I would totally post that to youtube for everyone to watch.

Diane probably broke the sink, but yeah for being able to eat thanks to Jeff's first paycheck.

The kids also did this on their own, yeah for best family!

Yeah for the newspaper being a good source of fun when they don't have a tv.

Second day at work and I decided the tv should be in the next purchase, there is also a couch in the living room though no one will sit on it to watch tv.

They like to this and also got a pop-up asking if they wanted to have a baby. I said no because two is enough for now, they just don't have room.

The spin when dancing together.

They did hire a gardener once they could afford one.

I managed to also get a bookcase through some frugal meal planning so Jeff started to learn Mechanical.

I also decided they needed a maid because despite Diane spending her days cleaning, they still got roaches.

Better picture of the roaches, I think.

Spraying roaches...

...they probably danced or started making out again right after this image.

Studying cooking, although they don't have a stove so I shouldn't get any kitchen fires here.

The house by the end of the three days.

Moved the dinning table to the paved area because it looked like it belonged their.

This is where I think I reached either the lot limit or the neighborhood limit on pictures so it was a good thing it was the end of day three. I moved all of the images out of the default folder and into a backup folder so hopefully I can take some again when the game is loaded back up either this evening or tomorrow. I am also hoping that the next rotations posts won't be so picture heavy since I won't need to show before and after pictures on the homes.

I am planning to save up money on this family to add a second floor and give them their proper living room back, but this house actually functioned really well as it is. Also, this is making me think the Goths should have a second child because I can't keep Cassandra happy with her toys and maybe a sibling is what she needs based on how easy Daniel and Jennifer were to keep happy.
This house so belongs to the Pleasants. It is so strikingly similar to the Pleasants' house in Sims 2 from the exterior design to the loctations of the room. I never played the Pleasants during my sims one day but I think it was either the family's bio and/or Jeff's bio and/or Daniel's bio in Sim 2 that states that Jeff wanted to be an astronaught. The house on the other hand was furnished so heavily with beds because I made a family of eight people. I think one of the kids had to sleep in the kitchen due to lack of space. It was so funny. And because I spent too much money on bathroom, beds, and the fun and comfort items, I ended up not being able to afford for a fridge. The family was full of fail.
hahaha, I try to always buy the fridge first for that very reason. When I furnish a home I generally buy the fridge, then the toilet, bath tub, and bed. Then once those have been added I slowly add to the kitchen until it is fully functional (even if it isn't pretty), then finish the bathroom (just needs a sink and mirror), then I will start on the living room with a bookcase and couch. My Sims don't usually get fun items until the rest of the house has been completed which may explain why they are always so difficult to get to do what I want them to.

I hadn't thought about the Pleasant's home in The Sims 2 but I think you are right, there are some similarities in how the rooms are laid out. Once I get an upstairs it will probably look even closer since I think the girls bedrooms were upstairs in The Sims 2 house.

Thank you for the comment :-)
I think you did a really good job making the family fit. And I bet Cassandra would benefit from another kid to play with to keep her happy. Perhaps a boy named Alexander? =P
Thank you :-)

If Bella and Mortimer have a boy he will totally be named Alexander. If they have another girl maybe Alexandria, I'll decide when the time comes.
Wow, it was really neat to see the Pleasants in TS1. I never even knew they existed. But as I said in a previous comment somewhere, I have never really played the pre-mades in any of the sims games. But it's really fun to see you play them!
I am glad you are enjoying it.

I think a lot of people avoid the pre-mades for various reasons, I am normally one of those people. I think the only reason why I am playing them now is because I am trying to break some habits I have had since The Sims was released in 2000 (man I feel old, I still remember playing Sim City 2000 on a Mac in my parents bedroom because that was the only computer at home, and it wasn't our first computer that I remember).

I don't necessarily think not playing them means you are missing out on anything, I just decided it was easier to start learning about the game by playing a neighborhood that was already at least half full. Now if I ever manage to add a Sim to a Maxis neighborhood, that will be a real achievement. I think the only game I have done that with is The Sims 3 and that is just because of the nature of the game, there is no way to play without changes to their Sims (I wish create a world worked on Macs though or I would have been making my own neighborhood even in that game).

I still have a several rotations in this neighborhood before I try to make my own to see if I can without driving myself mental over making everything "just so", so I hope that the entries continue to be enjoyable for you and everyone else reading.