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So I don't know if it was the best idea to post this tonight after the previous post because I am rapidly going downhill with my ability to comprehend so if any of it doesn't make sense, I am really sorry. This also ended up being really long because while I only have one page of notes on the Goths, I took over 60 images and I wasn't able to cut it down very well so this is long, but the files are small so hopefully there will not be any loading issues for anyone. I also had to rely on LiveJournal to do the HTML this time (normally I write my own) so I hope this displays correctly, I cannot stand template HTML but I knew I would never get this up if I tried to write it myself. I think the Pleasant's post will have to wait a day or two to let my head recover. All I can say is thank goodness for spell check because this probably would have made a lot less sense if not for those red lines under most of what I typed the first go through.

The original Goth mansion!

The Goth family as they were found when I first loaded their lot.

Cassandra's room on the top floor.

The bottom floor...

...now for close up images of each room...

This doesn't really seem to function as a living room, I know there is a name for this type of room but I can't remember what it is, if anyone knows, please post in the comments.

Is it a master bedroom if there is no dedicated bathroom? I can never tell, then again, I don't think I had heard the term master bedroom until I moved to be with Kevin.

Kitchen, nicest one in the neighborhood and probably will be for a long time.

The only bathroom, I took the clown picture out because in one of the versions of the game if a specific need dropped too low then the clown would show up and bring the need down even lower and the only way to get rid of it was to burn the picture or some how improve the need, but I cannot currently remember what that need was.

I may add another bathroom to Cassandra's room if I can figure out how to make one fit without stressing my brain too much.

I think all Sim families in The Sims have outside dinning because otherwise you need a massive room to hold these tables.

The grave yard which I stalked to get a picture of a ghost, I only managed one which you will see later.

I don't know why but when I saw Bella once the lot loaded I felt like she would have been the kind of person who was taught to play the piano as a child. After she got past the first level I ended up sitting her at the piano every day to play until someone got home because I really enjoyed listening to her play, even if no one else did.

I sat Mortimer and Cassandra to studying before their respective rides showed up.

I forgot they had a fish tank, darn it, something else to try and keep alive. Remarkably so far someone has feed them every day.

Carpool and bus, yeah!

Diane Pleasant and Bob Newbie showed up.

Who would have thought beneath the oil stained clothing beat the heart of a sensitive Sim.

Just a side note, Bella has no cooking points right now.

Turned out okay although the guides say that group activities like group meals insures good conversation and relationship building; this is a lie, the only time anyone ever got positive points in any home this whole rotation was when doing one on one conversations. Group chat always brought relationship scores down and the phone was even worse so it is only good for inviting people over.

Bella was still working on her second skill when I took this so no one liked her playing.

I just thought Bob looked funny with how he was standing.

I was trying to improve Cassandra's fun and social and apparently children in this game do not get fun or social out of the chess board, at least not when playing with their fathers'.

Cute pajamas!

Mortimer got a promotion when he got home on the first day, then had to go back to work that night, got another promotion, and then had to go back to work that morning, this is the new car.

They hired a gardener because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find all of the plants in the yard and I would rather listen to Bella play the piano than watch her wander around the lot watering plants.

Daniel Pleasant, before he went through a mid-life crisis. Wait if they are both children here, why is there such a large age difference in The Sims 2, man I dislike messed up continuity.

Well on their way to becoming friends though.

The only ghost I saw; I heard two others, but never could hit the pause button fast enough to find them.

I know about relationship decay, but two Sims should not fall out of love every day while one of them is at work, real people do not fall out of love with their spouses just because they don't happen to be physically in the same location and making out all of the time.

I decided Bella should learn how to cook.

They got a maid because I wanted Bella to play the piano more.

No social help or relationship help for the adults either, stupid chess table.

I kept trying to figure out what would raise her fun score, I never found it, thank goodness they don't have homework in this game.

Jennifer Pleasant made an appearance.

I decided Cassandra was the type of child who's mother would try and get her to learn to play the piano, unfortunately she was not as good as Bella so she will only play if it actually increases her fun score, which I currently cannot remember if it did and I didn't write it down.

Family meals, I don't know why I let them happen, they only make Cassandra dislike her parents more.

Yes, even Bella has to fix the sink if she breaks it.

When I saw this image I thought the maid was probably laughing to herself watching Bella have to do manual labor in a red dress.

At least the maid actually cleaned, eventually, she was there all day.

Getting a second cooking skill point.

She did better when she didn't know how to cook, how is this possible. Also, first fire in game!

When I told her to put out the fire, she actually started to try and put out the fire.

The the fireman showed up because I remembered to put a fire alarm in there.

I don't know why I have so many images of this.

Bella making sure it is really out.

This is the best I am going to be able to do at getting a picture of the fireman, there is no closer zoom, only thing I actually miss right now.

Cassandra decided it would be best if they ordered a pizza for dinner after the cooking fire, I agreed.

Pizza dude!

Pizza dude walked into the house on his own.

All better :-)

I do see these two as a really passionate couple, making out at every available moment, good thing it also allows them to fall back in love every evening because I really don't want to have another couple who hates each other.

I never played the goths in sims1. I never realized what the hubub was about when sims2 came out. It's funny that they are so similar, especially the houses.

The only premades I ever played in sims1 was the Newbies and I didn't find them that entertaining. My favorite family was a household I made with all superheroes (including The Tick and Arthur.) It is too bad that the sims1 website is gone, I had some very amusing stories there.

That hideous turquoise car cracks me up every time I see it.
I was talking to Kevin last night, trying to remember how I played when the game was new, and I cannot remember much of the game play until after extra neighborhood were added. I would put one Sim in the neighborhood and just play that Sim for one real day then delete that Sim and make a new one the next day; this would be repeated every day.

I was surprised when The Sims site was removed; I had been there the week before trying to decide what to download and then when I went back the next week because I forgot to download the patches it was gone. I wonder if the site still had any regular visitors or people uploading to it? I never uploaded, I never could figure out how.
two Sims should not fall out of love every day while one of them is at work,

This would certainly explain why Bella always seemed out to wreck every marriage in my game... maybe she and Mortimer were falling out of love while I wasn't playing them and she felt free to hit on my Sims and their husbands!
So far I have not had that problem here, but in The Sims 2 I always found it weird how married Sims who had a high friend score with another Sims would start stalking that Sim when they were uncontrollable. So many marriages ended because a spouse caught their wife/husband flirting with a Sim while they were running errands and me thinking there had been no romantic interactions between the two new lovers when I was controlling what they did.
I hated the relationship decay in Sims 1. It was extremely annoying. Also, even when I had two sims in love with 100/100 for each other, they would still refuse to accept a proposal from the other one. It made me mad.
I hear you on that. I can't remember which one added the daily and lifetime relationship scores for The Sims, but I think it helped because when you just have one score, one bad interaction or a couple of days apart can really mess up a friendship.

If I remember correctly I primarily played single Sims that never got promoted because no one could make friends when the game first came out.