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I decided I will be making some more Sims for my neighborhood because when I checked the friends requirements I found I only needed 5 more Sims in the neighborhood.  I decided 5 single Sims in 5 homes would be boring so I am going to make 5 homes with either 2, 3, or 4 Sims, none of which will be children because I don't want to make this any harder on me than I have to and I want to wait to add any to the neighborhood until I know I can manage the three already in it.

I am still deciding whether or not to add Kevin and myself in the game.  I am thinking I will and put us on the largest lot and work towards recreating the last house in load video while I will make the other houses that will be made for the other Sims based on how many Sims end up in the house so the smallest one will have two and then the next one will have three and so on.

I am also planning on updating the Roomies home once they have enough money (that could take months of Sim time) into something a little more functional (add another bathroom, improve the bathroom, etc).

Adding more Sims to the neighborhood will mean that the next post will take a while to get to as I want to take my time with this and not just slap down whatever pops up first.
I'd forgotten about how there were no townies in the Sims. At least until Hot Date, and even then they might only show up downtown.

I would often just go and grab a random family off of the Sims Exchange, especially if they came with their own house.
I have House Party to install before Hot Date and that one does allow you to throw a party and some "Townie" type Sims would show up along with the neighborhood Sims if you put Party Balloons out so it will be easier then.

Unfortunately thesims.ea.com no longer goes to The Sims site, it goes to The Sims 3 site so there is no exchange for me to download from.
I am still deciding whether or not to add Kevin and myself in the game.

I always put a version of my family in my game. It's a tradition, there with be one 'ChillyzGrrl family' per hood, even if I don't play them. I just like seeing them walk around in the game. ;-)
I've had more than one SimSelf die in the game due to my inability to keep my Sims alive so I tend to avoid it unless I feel sure I can keep them going.

I realized when I loaded the game again that I only have three un-built lots because there are two lots with empty pre-built houses so I have to rethink how I am going to do this because I do not want to take the houses down but they cost too much to move anyone in right now. So what I might do is put in three single roommates of four and when one of the families has enough money move them into the bigger houses and then as the singles pair up, move them into the emptied houses.