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Yeah, post 3, that means I am doing well enough to post and I had such a good time playing the game that this is a rather long post. 

As I have been playing the game and watching the loading video over and over again I am reminded how much I really enjoyed that video and how excited I would get when watching it to play the game.  I like the load videos for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, but there is something about the one for The Sims that I like most of all. 

It took me two real days to get through 3 Sim days of play because so much happened during this time.  Chris and Melissa Roomies home is now my favorite and required very little direction on my part.  There are about 29 pictures if I read the album information correctly and that was after pairing it down some; fortunately all of the files are really small so it shouldn't take too long to load.

The Roomies, Chris and Melissa. The Sims Prima guide jokingly suggests that if you were a guy this was the first family you played; I am trying to remember if back in 2000 when this game first came out if I ever got turned on by a Sim I made and then realized the answer was no, but I did make over use of an outfit that comes in a later expansion pack that was a swim suit that was very well enhanced. I don't know why but with The Sims and The Sims 3 I tend to make my Sims wear as little clothing as possible. This makes me wonder why I didn't do that with The Sims 2, but I am getting way from the point of this post, how did the three days with the Roomies go?

This pair was the most fun I have had so far in this install of playing The Sims and reminded me what this is supposed to be like as apposed to my normal play which is work/study/sleep/eat at some point if they have to.

Because the Roomies were in the Sim Bin and because the last time I tried to build a home for the Pleasants I failed miserably, I gave the Pleasants the last home that could be afforded that was pre-built and decided to build one for the Roomies. All they have had while I was playing Michael was an end table and a phone so they were really looking forward to their house.


This is roughly what all of my homes looked like after I learned that squares and rectangles were frowned on in the Simming community even though most homes I see in real life are squares and rectangles including the one I am currently living in. So I built a rectangle with a square jutting off the back of it and called it good.

The inside of the home. When I built this I did not know it was going to be party central but since their were two of them in the house and my Sims are notorious for dying due to being trapped by another Sim who is trying to get somewhere and that Sim is trapped by refusing to drop queue even when I click to cancel so I tried to leave a lot of room around things but still look reasonably like a house.

I don't know why but in every variation of The Sims games I have favored the bathrooms. I remember making a community lot in The Sims 2 and spending a full hour on the bathroom and it really didn't have that much in it, it just took me that long to find a wall and floor combination I liked, didn't take me anywhere near that long to finish the rest of the building.

Anyway, I am particularly proud of this bathroom, even if their room score drops every time they walk in it. I like it and as I tell Kevin regularly, that is all that really matters in this game, the Sims are just there to amuse me.

Michael was of course the first walk-by for the home so I had Chris greet him because I still wanted to determine which Roomie was best for him.

Oh my, they must look more upscale since they have a bigger home, it is non-other than Bella and Mortimer Goth who showed up together.

While Bella and Mortimer were outside...

First traffic jam. I don't know why since Bella is clearly standing in front of the food, but she seemed to think that Melissa was in front of it because she couldn't pick it up until I sent Melissa to watch tv and call Michael over.

Chris broke the sink while trying to clean up. I feel bad making her repair it as she was the only one who even bothered trying to clean up, but I am also of the mind set, you break it, you fit it. I do the same thing in the Sims 2 and 3 with burnt food. I don't think they can burn food in this version, I think they just cause fires which is why everyone eats salads. I don't think any of my Sims have had a stove since my first fire and whole home wipe-out.

I quickly realized I hadn't bought enough seating for a party home.

I really wish Sims could sit at an angle to the tv and still watch it; it works in real life so why can't they do that in this game.

Betty decided to come over and stalk the door. She never rang the bell, just stood there waiting for someone to let her in. Maybe she doesn't realize you have to try if you want to make friends.

Speaking of friends, even with equal opportunities Melissa is the only Roomie getting anywhere with Michael so I think this is the one. Also, she likes "the chair" so I like her too. I wonder if they will fight over "the chair" when they eventually move in together and only have one. Will their children like "the chair"? Okay, I am getting too far ahead of myself, it will be a long while before they move in together because I am really enjoying how this house is running as is.

Chris decided she didn't care for the rest of the guests and started painting on her own.

I did very little directing this time around other than to make food and sending them to bed because they were so much fun to watch on their own.

I wonder what Bella and Mortimer were doing in the bathroom together.

Jeff Pleasant eventually came over and we have now seen all but four Sims in this neighborhood and I still have two more houses.

I think Betty is trying to makeup with Michael over how she behaved in her visit to his place.

The morning after and they are doing okay. I got them both jobs in Athletics because that was what popped up and again, didn't feel like waiting.

By the way, Chris, not a morning person, she slept until the alarm with a fully green energy bar and still complained when getting out of bed.

Thanks to Chris' need to clean everything this was all the trash left over from the day before and two of those are serving plates.

I think I have become opposed with the cars, haha...

Yes, truly I have become obsessed with the cars, hahahahahaha

Diane Pleasant decided to come over the next night and was the first person Chris actually seemed happy to talk to as that is all they did for the rest of the night.

I decided they needed a door from the kitchen to the side yard as that is where the table is since the dinning area was not big enough for the number of chairs they now have. I also bought them a stereo since this is the party place and parties need music. It is set to classical because I figured that was the least likely to get on my nerves and they don't seem to be able to tell the difference since they dance the same way to all of the stations.

This is a flirt in The Sims. :-(

But it worked, they are now in love even if they won't be moving in together for a while.

Melissa broke the sink and then went after Michael in the picture above so Chris ended up getting stuck with the job of repairing because she was actually in a better mood than Melissa and I wanted the water to stopped. She did mop the bathroom on her own though.

First kiss!!!

As an aside, this tv has been on the kids channel almost the whole time and every once in a while I think I hear the theme music for the Itchy and Scratchy show on The Simpsons.

I did have to break down and buy them exercise equipment by the last day because Chris managed a promotion and needed the skill points. I am going to try and have both put in one Sim hour a day. I don't think that is too mean and they don't complain too much during that period of time about having exercised.

Had to wake Chris up from a nap since she was too tired to exercise when she first got home.

I now feel like I need to make a house of 3 or 4 random Sims for Chris to choose from since she will eventually be alone in this big house when Melissa does eventually marry Michael, but I haven't decided how I want to go about that, I will either put a lot of thought into it and try and make Sims she has a real chance of getting along with, or I can just randomize everything.

I am also considering putting Kevin and myself in the game.  That is always dangerous for me because if my Sim or Kevin's Sim dies in the game I will actually cry in real life, it has happened before.  The thing is, the neighborhood is going to need more homes since there are not currently enough Sims to allow any of them to get promoted to level 10 in any job most likely so I need to find out what the most Sims any job needs for friends and then make enough Sims to cover that, broken up into the smallest family units possible given the number of lots I have left to work with so that I can manage it.  If I do this this they will be added to the end of this rotation so I need to make my mind up by the time I finish the Pleasant household because if I don't, it will most likely never happen.
I liked the sims 1 video also. It made the game seem very exciting and I ended up wanting to play to. The sims 2 video which I don't really remember well was alright. It was good to watch the first time around but after that I was like neh. Sims 3 was interesting but I only liked it because of the graphics. They are so pretty. :)

I never really played the Roomies family as "the Roomies" as I usually make Michael marry Chris and get a random sim to marry Melissa. I use to always give Michael a military career and made Chris do some career that seem to be really feminine.

Because I didn't know how to build nice houses, I use to always use The Newbies' house as a template and just add rooms around it to suit the family. When I played Sims 2, I built a lot of square and rectangle houses and gave it weird pointy roofs. I now stick to the template pre-built houses that maxis makes for the game.

Nice entry. I use to apply the "you break it you fix it rule" on my sims too. These days, I just choose the one who needs the mechanical skills.
I'm not even sure if I ever played the Roomies before, I forget those Sims are in the Bin since it is on the page you go to to make Sims and I normally don't play the default neighborhood. Interesting that in your game it was Michael and Chris who hooked up.

I typically don't worry too much about how the outside of the home looks as I either play with walls down or cutaway. I'm trying to make a bit more effort this time around while not taking it too seriously so it is hit or miss on what I spend a lot of time on. I have been considering trying to recreate the buildings in the intro video, now that I can watch it whenever I might try and make notes on them so I can try and recreate the outsides of the buildings (not worried about getting the insides right).

Glad you enjoyed the post.
I've always loved that video.

Looks like you're having a blast with the roomies. I can't remember if I ever played them. Mostly, when I was playing The Sims, I played my own families, except for after Makin' Magic came out. Then I decided to remake the Goths as witches/wizards and spent countless hours watching Mortimer flub his spells get turned into a donkey. ;-)
I think because I am giving myself permission to take it slow and make mistakes and I am less worried about playing the most efficient way possible it is making it more fun. I don't know why but I have always tried to win at the games and since there is no win you inevitably lose because all you have done is made your Sims miserable. My mistake back in the Newbie home with hitting Esc while in tutorial mode and so loosing the motives freeze would have normally be a reset mistake for me, but now I am allowing it and not worrying about how much longer it is now going to take to get all of those skills learned.

The Goth family would make sense for an occult family, I will have to keep that in mind for them when I install that game as I will need some "volunteers" to try everything out.