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So my plan is to play each house three Sim days before I move on to the next house.  I will post when my head allows me to so you may see varying numbers of Sims in each post but I will try to post at the end of each rotation before I start a new one just so I don't forget what my notes mean and which pictures to use.

I also remembered right before the second home in this rotation that there were Sims in the Sim Bin type area for this game so I added them to the neighborhood.

Michael Bachelor is at #6 Sim Lane
The Roomies are at #8 Sim Lane
The Pleasant Family is at #10 Sim Lane

Their homes will be shown when I post about them.

So the Newbies started needing the coffee maker I bought for them on the second day as energy is the only thing that can be depleted during the motives freeze and only during work or exercise.

Because I accidentally hit Esc when I was trying to take a picture (I have no idea how)I lost the tutorial mode so I had to buy Betty a bed because she and Bob already hate each other.

They haven't talked at all and they already hate each other! Their relationship score falls faster than any other two Sims I can think of. Even Sims that don't live together seem to be able to maintain better than these two.

During this time Bob did manage to top the Cooking skill but there is no special icon for that.

Next we have Michael Bachelor! Another familiar name in The Sims 2 but originally seen in The Sims. He got a job in the Criminal track because in this game you only get one option in the paper each day and I didn't feel like waiting.

This is what #6 Sim Lane looked like before I added more furniture to it.

Again, the car actually looks better than most of the other stuff in the game, although this one is not as shinny as the Police car.

With all of the furniture I bought for him.

I thought the grill was a good idea until it took all six servings to half fill his hunger bar. Grrr!

The wicker chair seen here is my favorite chair in the game, I think I gave that chair eventually to every family I played. It was always someone's favorite chair in all of my families and Michael already seems to favor it as it is the only one he uses when he watches tv. Pets Michael, "good Sim, I like you".

Of course, since he is in the Criminal track he needs Body skill so that is what he is getting here.

Betty decided to come over. I wonder if she realizes what he does for a living. I wonder if he realizes what she does for a living, hahahaha.

Betty is a lush. After Michael left for work in the middle of the night Betty hung around for a bit and made herself a drink (Michael had not used this yet).

Michael and Betty did not get along well.

See, his favorite chair, I like Michael, he will get married if he finds someone he likes in the game.

The sounds from the Horror channel actually scare me if I am not paying attention to what is going on.

I had him hire the gardener because all of my plants die in this game as I never remember to water them or think I already have and then it turns out I didn't.

Melissa Roomie comes over for a visit, he seems to like her. We shall see what he thinks of the other Roomie before we decide but this just may be the one.

Hired the maid because he takes too long getting ready to have time to clean since people show up at his home every night expecting a meal.

I forgot they could make salads in this game. One salad half refilled his hunger bar and took less time to make than the burgers on the grill. I may move the frig outside.

Bought him a new bed because everyone keeps him up to late and this was the highest rated single bed.

Bob Newbie came over and these two actually seemed to get along.
Whenever I look at these pictures it makes me feel so nostalgic. I think Michael and Melissa would be cute together.
I am glad you are enjoying them. I think Melissa would be a good choice for him as well. I plan to play the Roomies next so I am going to see if she can invite Michael over to see how they do.

I am not looking forward to the homes with children; I never liked that they never grew up in this game.
I hated it too. And no matter how hard I tried to make the kids get good grades, they always seemed to end up getting sent to military school in the end because it was just so hard.
I don't think any of my Sims had children after the first expansion pack to The Sims. I was happy when The Sims 2 came out and they started aging up.
Also makes me nostalgic. I played the Sims a couple of weeks ago; it was so different after so much time playing Sims 2. I played a lot of Michael Bachelor; I mostly remember him with the chemistry set, and seeing how many women he could collect.
hahaha, yes, I remember the chemistry set. I used to create Sims with no personality points and then have them use the chemistry set until they got the one that reversed the points.
the wicker chair and the heart backed dining chair from ll were my favorites.
i'm glad someone's still playing ts1 and i'll be following this.
Glad to have another person following this. :-)

They do have some great stuff in The Sims; I am hoping to try all of the different furniture this time instead of just buying the cheapest things for them like I normally.
Wow, great pictures! It looks like you're having lots of fun. I never knew the Pleasants were in TS1! I don't think I ever played with the maxis families at all in that game.
I am usually really bad about not wanting to play the Maxis families because of not wanting to mess them up. When The Sims first came out and we only had one neighborhood I played them for a little bit, but then I would make my own family, play them for one real day, uninstall and then reinstall because I wasn't happy with how it was going. I actually had one play session where I intentionally didn't turn off the game for two weeks because I thought that would help me break the uninstall/reinstall pattern. I have lost count on how many times I have done this.

I used to do the same thing with The Sims 2, accept when I installed that game for the first time and found out we could make our own neighborhoods, that was all I would play. I would go in and look at the Maxis ones, but I wouldn't play them until I realized I could have more than one user account on my computer. Unfortunately the multiple user accounts caused some problems (don't think I set them up correctly) and I had to get rid of them.

I have over time gotten better about allowing myself to play the Maxis families as I have now learned how to reset the neighborhoods without having to reinstall so much, but it still takes a lot of mental convincing each time I do.

Yeap, the Pleasant family is in the game, although since I haven't looked at them yet, I am not sure where they are in relation to The Sims 2 Pleasants (forward or backwards in time) anymore. They are the last family on the rotation since there are two children in that house so I still need to get through the Roomies and the Goths before I get to them but it shouldn't take too long. Fortunately today is looking like it is going to be one of my better days so I will most likely be playing soon. :-)
I kind of feel that way too, about playing the pre-mades. That's actually why I've never really played them. For some reason I just don't want to change anything. Lol, either that or I have a weird fear of failure since they already have their lives and personalities mapped out (for the most part) and I'm not sure I'd want to play them that way. But then I would feel bad if I deviated from the way they are supposed to be played. So I just don't play them! Lol, all of that to say that I understand where you're coming from!