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The Sims 3 for the Wii short review

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted.

I have been slowly/painfully playing my way through the Sims 3 for the Wii and my biggest complaint is once you finish a lifetime wish there is not much else to do with the starting Sim. My other complaint is that homes with more than one Sim are next to impossible for me to play if more than one Sim has a job or one is in school and one is working, I never did get it to work right.

On the positive side it allowed me to "play" the game with Kevin watching and in some cases helping if I couldn't figure out what to do (I still don't know how to do a lot in the game as the official guide is the worst one ever written for this series of games). It is a good game if you are going to be playing in short bursts and at irregular intervals as they don't let the Sims live long enough to get attached and it is not set up to be a generational game.

I don't recommend this for children as the bugs would probably make them break something by throwing the controller. I also don't recommend it for anyone with motion sickness as it was making me feel sick and I don't have motion sickness.

I am currently trying to decide what to do next; either going back to my The Sims game or going to The Sims 3 on the Mac which I currently the only computer with a decent picture editing program. You will know which I decide on by my next post most likely as I cannot think of anything else to post about.

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