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I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted.

I have been slowly/painfully playing my way through the Sims 3 for the Wii and my biggest complaint is once you finish a lifetime wish there is not much else to do with the starting Sim. My other complaint is that homes with more than one Sim are next to impossible for me to play if more than one Sim has a job or one is in school and one is working, I never did get it to work right.

On the positive side it allowed me to "play" the game with Kevin watching and in some cases helping if I couldn't figure out what to do (I still don't know how to do a lot in the game as the official guide is the worst one ever written for this series of games). It is a good game if you are going to be playing in short bursts and at irregular intervals as they don't let the Sims live long enough to get attached and it is not set up to be a generational game.

I don't recommend this for children as the bugs would probably make them break something by throwing the controller. I also don't recommend it for anyone with motion sickness as it was making me feel sick and I don't have motion sickness.

I am currently trying to decide what to do next; either going back to my The Sims game or going to The Sims 3 on the Mac which I currently the only computer with a decent picture editing program. You will know which I decide on by my next post most likely as I cannot think of anything else to post about.

My husband actually bought castaways for the Wii, (I've been asking for it for my birthday/mother’s day/Christmas for the PC for ages!-I should just go online and buy it myself!)but I never play the Wii one as I don't care for the Wii, just the way the screen moves makes me feel giddy.
Yeah there is no way I'd be able to play Sims 3 on there.

Maybe you could find some help online from other Wii Sim 3 players.
I actually liked Castways for the Wii when I played it, but then I also left that as one person the whole way through. I also have it for the PC and it is very good; some people have managed to port the objects and clothing from Castways to the The Sims 2 which is one of the few times I have considered downloading stuff for the game.

Kevin did some searching online about The Sims 3 for the Wii and all he could find were complaint sites about how buggy it is and how they obviously rushed it out. I thought about asking if we could get the Xbox one or the PS3 one but I think I will wait until the Half Price store has it as I wouldn't want him to feel like he has to spend that much money on the game again (the other two are very different from the one for the Wii, still need to see the reviews for them first).
I also tried Sims 3 on the Wii--my first attempt to play Sims 3 in any form--and I was underwhelmed. I agree that it would have been very hard to play a household of more than one, and I missed my keyboard-and-mouse interface. And the official guide was pretty sucky. Also buy/build mode was horrible.
I didn't even bother with trying to build anything after my first attempt because it was so painful. Even buy mode I only bought what I felt I had to and with each new Sim that became less and less because none of them ever went home after the first one.

Normally the guides are really helpful and tell you how to do everything in the game, this one felt like they skipped half of what you were supposed to be able to do, or most of what they told the author was going to be in the game got cut due to time constraints.
I've only played one game on a Wii, but the controller drove me crazy so I haven't played anything on Wii since.
Oh my goodness, I am so happy to see you back online (under a new name but I remember that icon). Hope you are well.

I actually like the Wii better than the other consoles and its controller because I was never good with the normal ones. I have played My Sims, My Sims Kingdom, and My Sims Agent and loved them (My Sims got played through several times, the other two at least three if not more). The Wii also has a special place for me because it was the first time I was able to actually be helpful in a non-Sims game (the really pretty Mario game). I played the second controller on that one and while Kevin did all of the hard work I held down the bad guys and picked up the star bits. It also helps to make sure I move around some because as much as I try to get better, am getting worse so many of the exercises I would normally do aren't really an option any more due to joint pain.

Normally I am useless in games; I tried playing the Lego Star Wars game and ended up watching Kevin play all of the levels because he would play through them for me after I would get frustrated with them (this was on the XBox).

I can see how it could drive some people crazy; if you don't have the sensor in just the right spot relative to where you are it can be a nightmare to try and play and getting it in the right spot can take longer than I am actually able to play.
Thanks. All is well. I'm happy to be back online - even if I have very little time to be on in comparison to what I used to have. Busy life for me these days.