Even with Kevin's help we weren't able to get very far with the guide because it turns out it has lots of errors in it (the work days for Tourism are off for one) and so now I don't feel like I can trust the information.  Kevin did help me decide what order to purchase the LifeTime Rewards which I had spent at least four hours on previously trying to sort out but was constantly finding myself unable to focus.  Today the focus isn't too horrible so I will be trying to play again soon, but first I am going through YouTube and finding videos for some of my favorite songs and adding them to my favorites list so I can set them as a playlist and then queue them up before playing the game; music frequently helps to keep me going and in a good mood when my head starts to go down so it is always good to have it available, particularly if I am going to be doing something that requires concentration.

Kevin also helped me sort out my computer desk/coffee table to make it easier for me to see the screen and the birds in the backyard at the same time along with being able to actually reach the things I typically need like notepaper and pencils.  One of the things we have learned with the mental fogging is it really helps to have things organized well so that even if I am really confused that day I can still find what I need and that it is in an obvious place and easy to reach.