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So I managed to make my Beach Tycoon and get him moved in to a lot, because I did so little this will be short.

Name: Alex Beachead

Traits: Genius, Charismatic, Artistic, Athletic, Megalo-maniac

All of his appearance options were whatever was first on the list in part because I was having a hard time figuring out the interface.

After he was made I bought him the lot below Plata Lake and placed the Trailer Home at the first (and only) upgrade level under the Wild and Wacky option for buildings because I didn't feel like building something.  It is unfurnished and I stopped playing after the building was placed due to needing a break and the remote telling me the battery was running low.

Next time I plan to get his job in Tourism and add some furniture.
How interesting! I didn't even know there was a sims game for Wii! Sounds like fun!
The interface is a little confusing and I am not sure how multiple Sims in a house will work for me, but I am hoping the shorten game time for one house will make it easier for me to stick with.

I have played My Sims, My Sims Kingdom, and My Sims Agent (you play a detective) and those were all really fun but nothing like The Sims as a whole (no eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, I worked my Sims like you could never do in a regular Sims game).