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Christmas Eve, just a few minutes before midnight I was awake and trying to find something on YouTube I have been looking for since moving to California, and I finally found it.

By far and away my favorite albums has been the same since I was a small child, John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. I am just old enough to have seen the Muppet Show when it originally aired, and my parents were avid users of the VCR so we still have some of those episodes on VHS and if we still had a VCR I would probably still be watching them. I remember watching the John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together on VHS (I was 2 when it originally aired) and it always made me happy. That night on YouTube I managed to find someone who had uploaded the whole show as a series to YouTube and I will be forever grateful to them for it.

My favorite song of the show is It's In Every One of Us, the song just makes me very calm and at peace with myself.

The other day Kevin came home with a CD of the album my parents still have as a record and I have been listening to it ever since, sometimes the whole album, sometimes the one song on repeat for hours, probably one of the best things Kevin has ever given me.

As I sit here listening to It's In Every One of Us I have to wonder if my ability to cope with pain and my general attitude about life has been influenced at least in part by the Muppets. I feel like this song speaks volumes about how I feel in general as does another iconic Muppets song, Just One Person.

I truly believe the messages in these songs and when I am having a bad day (so almost daily) I think to these songs and it helps to comfort me and prevent me from dwelling on that which I am currently unable to change. I don't know if they will help anyone else the way they help me but I wanted to share them with everyone else just in case.

Rest in Peace Jim Henson and thank you.
Interesting...I didn't know that "It's In Every One of Us" was a John Denver song. I remember listening to it on Ann Mortifee's album "Journey To Kairos", one of my favourite as a child, but I couldn't tell you which one of them is the original version.
He didn't write the song, he just sang it for the special. On YouTube there is a video of someone singing it who I think wrote it, but it continues well beyond the point that John Denver sings it and I didn't like the second half of it because it becomes a much faster paced song, relative to the speed of the first part of the song.

Link to the video (does not allow for embedding)