iliveforsleep (iliveforsleep) wrote,

I've opened the journal back up

I'm still trying to decide if I should start playing Sims again, even on a limited time basis. 

I am trying to play FarmVille right now and having a hard time keeping up with it so if I do play Sims I will have to make sure it is only when I am doing a multiple day crop on FarmVille.


Since I cannot remember what I have read and what I have not read and am slowly picking my way through my friends page.  I am looking at the posts that look easier to read/reply to first (not stories) and then I will try and look at story posts, which might require re-reading chapters to remember what the story was about so it may be months before I comment on a story post.  I do enjoy reading them, it just takes me a long time to read them and catching back up after all this time will take a while.
Tags: real life
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