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I am a nerd, I always have been. One of Kevin's former coworkers shared this on Facebook and it is one of the funnies videos I have ever seen.

There are more Super Mario Bros Theme Remakes here. 

Our other favorite is the violinist because he not only plays the theme music, but plays the game sound effects while someone is playing it, which had to make it a little harder at least than just playing the theme music.
how do they do that? it's pretty cool!
I'm not sure how it is done. Kevin explained it to me last night but I couldn't remember what he said right after he finished. I just remember when he started playing the video I said, "what the heck is that, I mean, I know *what* it is, but what the heck is it being played on," and then he showed me the video and we watched it four or five times and then he explained it to me.