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Star Trek: Sunset Valley
Featuring Wesley Crusher
Episode One : Episode Two : Episode Three

Observer Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 312340.52

This weeks scans were the conclusion of the Recurve Strand scanning.

This week I was at the main Recurve Strand beach where I learned that the community center there had been recently built.

The majority of this week's scanning took place at the first fishing location, which is located on the far side of the main beach, past the community center. For some reason, despite all of my previous time fishing, I was not having much luck catching fish at this location. The tricorder said there was a lot of fish here, but they were just not biting, and I am not sure what caused this.

I was eventually able to catch one of each fish and I have them listed below:

Alley Catfish:
Level 1: Despite its low level this was one of the hardest fish to catch.

Red Herring

Level 3

Tragic Clownfish

Siamese Catfish:
Level 4
Bell Pepper


Level 9

The second location at the opposite end of the beach, past the pool, took slightly less time and it turned out they were all fish I had caught before.

Red Herring

Tragic Clownfish




Along the beach I also found a yellow sapphire...

... a light beetle that was in the same image as the yellow sapphire ...

... and a green swallowtail butterfly.

I was able to spend a little time in the community center looking around. It appears to serve a similar function to Ten Forward on the Enterprise, but with a few more recreation items, like the stereo.

I also learned from reading the trophy on one of the displays that there is a regular triathlon at the gym; that might be a good motivator to stay in shape.

Personal Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 312340.52

Most of this week had to do with scanning, but I did manage to finish reading the last book on fishing baits; if only the information had been more useful this week.

Some of my evenings were spending at the Recurve Strand community center learning about what kind of things Sims do for fun. The drink I had was their version of lemonade; it was very refreshing I should add.

I also spent some time listening to their music. I might have to invest in one of these stereos for use when I am working at home.

I don't think it will be considered interference, but I donated the first fish I caught to the community center. Hopefully Bob (the fish) will have a nice long life here.
I just finished reading through what you have so far, and I love it! I haven't managed to have anyone catch all of those types of fish yet, and I really have to get a Sim working on that.

I can't wait to read the next part!
I'm glad you are enjoying it; it has been a good learning experience for me with game.