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First, I would like to say that I am not pregnant, have never been pregnant, and unless my health improves within the next four to five years, I will most likely never become pregnant.

Today I received a package at my in-law's home with my maiden last name on (yes I took Kevin's last name, my initials now spell EAT, I win for awesome initials).  At first I thought maybe my mom had used an older label on a box she got from the grocery store although it was a small box for a grocery story and it was for baby formula.  The return address was not for my parents.

We opened the box and it seems I was signed up to receive sample baby formula designed for infants whose mothers' cannot produce milk themselves along with a check list for Kevin about how to be a good and supportive husband while I am in labor.  I am afraid of asking my mom if this was something she signed me up for as a hint to get moving on the grandchildren front since we are pretty sure my brother won't provide them for at least another 10 to 15 years (he is 5 years younger than me).  I made sure Kevin's parents understood that I was not pregnant and that I did not sign up for this.  Fortunately Kevin's mom, who works for child protection services, knows someone who could use it so I gave it to her.

I recently unsubscribed from an e-mailing list that seemed to think I had gone through 9 months of pregnancy, labor, and now had a child.  I got weekly emails telling me how old my child was and what they should be able to do by now.  This wasn't a spam site mailing list, it was from a reputable parenting magazine whose site I don't think I have ever visited until I unsubscribed.  The baby formula was also from a very reputable company.

I have no idea why these companies think I am pregnant and/or have children.
Wow - that is well weird! And could be quite upsetting, but you seem to take it well. Do you really think your mum would do a thing like that?

BTW, your initials are made of win. :D
Do you really think your mum would do a thing like that?

Most likely she didn't, she is aware of why Kevin and I haven't started trying for children, but she has sent we weird stuff in the past that didn't make a lot of sense so it is always something I consider.

I am mainly thinking someone must have sold a mailing list I somehow got on and that they sent these packages to anyone female and of breeding age. I just hope other people who may have gotten one that are like me and really shouldn't have children for whatever reason, but want children, don't get upset over it because I could see how that could have a very negative impact on someone's emotions.

Well before we got married, actually very early on in the dating part of the relationship we had a long running joke of all of the names for companies we could start that would benefit ;-) from having E.A.T. in them. Also, if I leave off the middle name I get E.T. so I win all of the way around.