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After formatting and reinstalling my OS on my desktop last week the only thing that wasn't working was the internet.  Well, I managed to get that one solved, although I am still not sure why it is telling me it is disconnected since it is currently doing the OS updates.

I had fought  with it, Kevin got really frustrated with it because he couldn't get it to work.  And then I decided to try one more thing (with minimal brain functioning as well) and it worked.  Sometimes I find I do my best work when I don't feel good and right now, I really don't feel good.

My desktop has 47 updates to complete so I think I am going to try and sleep and then we will see what it looks like in the morning (Firewall/Anti-Virus program was already installed and updated).

So happy and yet in so much pain, stupid computer screens.
Wonderful that it's started working! :D I have yet to look forward to redownloading all of the updates for my OS..

Hopefully everything will be ready and set when you're up to computing again. :)
I really need to write down a list of what to do to get the computer back online for next time. I have a habit for flatting all of the drives and then reinstalling everything about once a year and the internet connection is always the last one to get worked out. I was a smarter about it this time because all of the disks were in one CD carrier, but the driver for the internet card (which I had already installed something from that CD so I don't know why it didn't install everything the first time) was the only one I couldn't find.

It is nice having the desktop available even though I am not going to be using it for much right now. Since I am focusing on the one Sims 3 game that I am playing right now and posting about, I think I will keep the laptop as the only Simming computer for a while. Once this story is done I plan on running through the Sims 3 Legacy I started a while ago since you can age up as soon as you have completed the requirements for a good age up and shorten the baby, toddler, child, and teen stages (I didn't see anything in the original rules about not doing that). Then I will figure out which story/Legacy to complete next. I don't want to put off the Suichi Legacy too long so that may be the next thing I do after the Sims 3 legacy, but I don't know and it will probably be a year or two before I even come close to being ready to figure that out.