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Observer Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 312367.47

I have started to begin my scans an have learned it is a good thing I took up fishing. While my tricorder can scan through water to tell me how many different types of fish there are in a given body of water, it cannot scan them at a level detailed enough for this mission.

The first location I started fishing at is to the west of the actual Recurve Strand beach and was large enough I decided to give it its own week of observing/scanning. There are two main areas along this section of coast that seemed the ripest for fishing so I started with the one on the farthest edge of the beach and kept fishing until my tricorder said I had gotten one of each of the types of fish in this location.

The images below contain the records of the types of fish I caught and relevant information.

Red Herring:
I have learned they rank fish by level of desire in the market, the easier it is to catch the lower the level of the number:
Level 3
I have also learned that there are books on the best bait to use to catch the different types of fish.
Links (Hotdogs)

Tragic Clownfish:
Level 4

Level 5

Level 7
Red Herring

Level 8
Alley Catfish

The second fishing spot at this location is almost to the main Recurve Strand beach with a large stone hiding it from view.

The fish available at this location are:

Level 2

Red Herring


Level 7



I was also able to find two different beetles while I was at the beach as well. The first beetle I found was, I learned, a rare Trilobite Beetle and the second was a Light Beetle. The above photos show the locations they were found at.


I was able to collect more than one of each so I sold the extra to the Science Facility.

Observer Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 312367.47

This has been a very busy week between the scanning and trying to earn enough money to pay my bills.

At the beginning of the week I finally managed to catch what the grocery store owner called the perfect fish.

I have also managed to perfect a few of the fruits I have been growing in my garden.

The grocery store owner was so impressed with my fish and produce that I was given awards for both of them.

It seems the grocery store owner told the owner of the Little Corsican Bistro about my produce because I got a call requesting some of my produce.

I also found out quickly that running all the way to the beach from my home was taking too long and taking too much of my energy...

...so I bought a bike.

I have also used some of the money I have saved up to join the book of the month club. I thought the best way to learn about the mythology and history of Sunset Valley was by reading their literature.

I also met a small child while I was taking a break from fishing. Her name is Bella Goth and somehow she seemed to know I was different but would not explain how.

She told me it was important that I wrote down everything that happens while I am here. I told her I was already doing that, but then she repeated "everything".
I love the STNGen slant to the story..., so this is what happened to Wesley after he left the Enterprise, LOL. Looking forward to more.
Yes, this takes place some years after the Enterprise. Wesley is my favorite TNG character (tied with Picard) and I felt like for what I wanted to do with this, he would be an appropriate character, especially since Data was lost in the last movie.

Glad you are enjoying so far!
That really does look like Wesley Crusher! How awesome is that?
I'm glad you think he really does look like Wesley. I thought he mostly did, but since I made him I am never really sure if what I am seeing is what everyone else will see.
Great to see Wesley again.
I like the Gardening and Fishing aspects of both games, but i have never seen some of those fish in TS3.
i knew that Bella was an oddball ;)
There are some interesting fish in The Sims 3, some of the most interesting looking ones will come in a few more updates, episodes, I should probably number these.

Anyway, yeah, Bella is going to be a bit odd in this story, at least for a while, all will be revealed in time.