Taken from remisims 

"I'm going to explain the meaning of the name for this journal and why I chose it. The game is tag! You're it! Since you're reading this, now go post in your journal what your journal name means and your reason for choosing it. And don't forget to keep the tag game going!"

My name screen name is pretty simple. i live for sleep.  I have had this screen name since I started college at 18 so 15 years now and I use it just about everywhere.  The screen name was picked because at the time my roommate during my first semester of college had some sort of problem with me that I never did figure out the source of and so she said she had to sleep on the bottom bunk (after she had the bunk bed put back together that my mom and I had taken apart to make two separate beds) and that I had to sleep on the top bunk and that she had to sleep with the main light on every night which was right over my head.  So I spent almost every night wide awake and not in my room.  I also made a lot of friends with the drinkers at college because I was the only non-alcohol consuming person up every night to let them back into the dorm which was locked at 11 pm and they generally stumbled in around 3 am.  I would sleep for the 3 to 4 hours a day that my roommate had classes when I didn't although some weekends I would end up sleeping in another building during the day since she would sometimes stick around to make sure the light was on all day.  When a friend of mine and I were setting up our non-college emails, I needed a screen name and since I was perpetually trying to find where and when I could sleep and could sleep through most anything thanks to my general lack of sleep, I decided on i live for sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I am going to have to go back to it now as this is one of my less than good days, I just wanted to get this posted since I have told the story so many times and it is one of the few things I seem to still be able to remember well.