So I decided to try and get inspiration again before building the a house for the last family in the Sim Bin in The Sims 3.  I first went to and got no where quick because their search is really weak if you are trying to find something specific.  I then decided to go to Mod The Sims again and see what could be found there that might help me with figuring out how to make a home for a family with two adults, two children, and a toddler.  I have to say that I really appreciate the filtering options they have and it did help in coming up with a manageable list of homes to look at that wouldn't take hours to go through.

I found a couple of homes that inspired me that were both totally different and that I thought could be modified to allow for the toddler and extra child since most don't seem to put two beds in a child's bedroom.  The first home was the Blue Victorian Couples Starter by ruthless_kk and the second was Stylish Starter 1- 2BR Split Level Under 16K by yadarya.  Both had enough room to spare for the second child and toddler and I felt like I could build something that would not be a duplicate of the homes, but inspired by them, but maybe with a different layout on the inside with slight modifications to the outside.  Turns out I couldn't even build the first floor to a home without going over budget, I'm currently trying to figure out how I got Wesley into a home, granted, he only needed one bedroom.

So after going through the download options some more and realizing this means I would have to patch my game, I decided the Blue Victorian Couples Starter by ruthless_kk was the one that I most wanted to use.  Actually, there are a few homes by ruthless_kk I want to download, but I had to have Kevin do the extraction of the file since my Mac does not like rar files and I was having a hard time figuring out what program would be the best free one to get in order to extract the file (Kevin will be helping me figure that out on one of his days off).  

I am also considering downloading:
Country House Couples Starter
Green Victorian Starter: I want to live in this house!
Sunshine Cottage Starter
Victorian Cottage Starter: I could also see living in this house.
Lavender Victorian Starter

If it weren't for the money limits of the CAS Sims when they are first created, I would totally want more of the homes on ruthless_kk's page which is part of why I am linking to all of the homes I want to download, so I remember where they are when I eventually can, even if I don't have any one to put in them yet.

Now I just have to hope that the issue has been fixed that was causing problems with my mac (but not pc) when I patched the game before after World Adventures came out.  Okay, head is really starting to hurt so I need to end this post now.