So for the last week I have been working on a building project instead of playing Wesley, but it was to benefit him so I decided that was okay.

Recurve Strand, basically just a beach front area with nothing but a couple of plants so I decided to add an out-house and a bench in order to allow my Wesley Crusher Sim to spend more time there while he is "scanning".

When I went in to edit the lot I found that the actual Recurve Strand lot was this part so there is not a lot of room to build in. I added the toilets, bench, and threw in a grill for good measure. Then I decided the lot looked depressing because I am very bad at building. Most of my buildings are of the square or rectangle variety and I really wanted to make something that I would enjoy looking at for the two weeks it will probably take me to finish playing Wesley's scanning.

I decided to do a Google search and see what other people had done with the lot and got a massive amount of inspiration from this lot on Mod The Sims by Nallis. I didn't recreate the lot (I'm not that good at building), but I decided I would make a structure and I would try and make it look beachy and kind of posh.

The build mode shot because I built it during the night time apparently and didn't want to wait for Wesley to wake up. Also, this shows that there is a sprinkler there for the children not allowed to swim yet by their parents.

What it looks like at night. I tried to make sure there was enough lighting that it wouldn't be impossible to play without editing it.

The outdoor bar and barbeque pit along with stereo. I also added a telescope and two chess sets for the more serious Sims (I wish Sims could still be abducted by aliens).

The indoor bar and stereo and lots of relaxing spaces and a fireplace. I am not sure if community lots can have fires now so you might want to put a fire alarm, the only reason why I don't have one is I realized I forgot to add it when looking at this picture.

And last but not least, the all important bathrooms. Due to the frequency that my community lot Sims seem to enjoy busting in on each other while they are on the toilet and the large number of Sims with the embarrassed moodlet I get, I decided to go for stalls.

I have uploaded the lot to my MediaFire account and it can be found by clicking on this link.  There is no custom content so if you are interested in downloading it you don't need to worry about not having all of the objects or patterns used on the lot.  I also do not play with any hacks so you do not need to worry about any of them being accidentally added to your game.  I also am only playing with the base game so no worries about not having the right expansion packs to use the lot.

Since I do not generally do building, any feedback would be appreciated.

As an aside, I also added all of the binned lots to Wesley's game and added all but one of the binned families to the houses they could afford.  I might try my hand at building a house for the last family before I play Wesley again.  My hope with adding the binned homes is that more Sims will move into the neighborhood, but I am not sure what makes them come into the game and what makes them leave so we shall see.