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MP3 of me speaking

Inspired by a post from Remisims done at the beginning of the year, I have finally managed to get a mp3 file recorded and uploaded to box.net. The file can be streamed from the site or downloaded, which ever is easier.

I would like to also state that when I listened to the file I thought it sounded nothing like what I hear in my head even though Kevin thought it came out just fine.
You have a very nice accent. :D
It was wonderful to hear how you sound, and I understand how it does sound a little strange listening to yourself in a recording. It always sounds different to how you hear yourself. I just went back and listened to my recording again and (apart from being embarrassed by my attempt at 'Aussie slang', hehe) it does sound a little weird.. :P
Some how it seems appropriate that you would be the first to comment since your post was the one that inspired me to do this post.

I had to laugh when I read the bit about the "accent" because we don't hear our own accents when we speak and generally only think of others from somewhere else has having an accent. I am more aware of accents normally having grown up in the South for the first 9 years and then moving to the New England area until my late 20s and now being out here in California. But I will also thank you for the compliment about my accent.

I remember when I was in the 6th grade we had a tape player that would also record and I had talked into that to see what I sounded like and was completely confused by the voice that came back at me since I could not come close to correlating it with what I thought I sounded like.
I read this thing in the Parade magazine that says we don't hear our voices "purely" We hear it through bone and blood, etc. that's why when you hear recordings of your voice it sounds different to you, but Kevin said it sounded fine.
That makes sense, but also makes me wonder how singers can tell when they are hitting the right notes if they cannot hear what they actually sound like.