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Star Trek: Sunset Valley: The Plan

Observer Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 313598.96

This week has been all about restructuring the survey plan to account for one person instead of four and all of the missing equipment.

I was able to get a map of the area from the grocery store. The owner had been suggesting locations where I might find more exotic fruit and fish and handed this to me. Since the tricorder I have has a limited range I am basing my pattern on the scanning radius I can complete in a week traveling to each location.

My plan is to survey using a standard grid pattern covering one section each week. I'll be starting in the lower left hand corner of the map area (not all of which is displayed in this scan) and working my way up and then across the map, which will allow me to get the outer regions of the world before I start going to the more populated areas.

The first location I will be covering is Recurve Strand, which will be the first ocean location I will be scanning.

I have also determined that I am going to need to expand the shelter. Since I am not able to scan things to the same detailed level required on a survey mission I am going to have to store the things I find that will require a more detailed scan once the resupply ship arrives.

Personal Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 313598.96


The toilet broke three times this week and the shower has been running either too hot or too cold. I'm not sure if it is because when I was building the place I set them up wrong, or a mineral in the water I can't detect because the tricorder hasn't been programmed to scan for it.

Something I wasn't expecting were bills. It appears that when I started earning money the government starts assessing how much what I have on the property is worth. This makes keeping up with the farming and fishing that much more important.

I have also learned a new way to earn money while preforming my observational duties. It seems the Science Lab will pay for insect specimen, since I will be collecting one of each anyway, might as well sell the duplicates to the lab. From what I understand they are trying to find examples of evolution and thought insects would show signs of this sooner than larger animals.

I am also thinking I am going to need to dig a pond for my fish. When I first started putting the fish in fishbowls I didn't realize how quickly they would start adding up; I need that counter space.

Last, but not least, I was finally able to make something other than salad. I was able to grow enough grapes to make jelly and with the Sim version of bread, to make sandwiches. It is nice to eat something other than salads, I'm hoping I can find more fruits and veg to make different things from home.
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