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Star Trek: Sunset Valley: The Arrival

Observer Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 313585.11

I have been in Sunset Valley for a month, but was only just able to acquire a computer to keep a log on. I will cover the first four weeks in this entry.

There were supposed to be four members in this survey team, but something went wrong with the transporter. I am not sure if they are here, on this planet somewhere, back on the starship that brought us here, or lost due to the transporter malfunction. Completing the survey of this world and its inhabitants has become more crucial as I look for my team members and try to replace the supplies also lost during transport.

The first week involved finding where the supplies that did make it were and building a shelter out of them. Fortunately most of the modular pieces to the structure were found as well as most of the furniture but the computers among the supplies were destroyed beyond repair. To hide the outside of the modular structure I used some local stone that I was able to carve with my phaser. Unfortunately the cooking system was either destroyed or went missing so I am living on salads currently.

After I got the structure completed I realized I was going to need to earn money some how in order to survive until the starship returns in 18 months. There are no computers, only one general use tricorder I already had on my person, no replicator, and my rations were used up in the first week. In order to avoid breaking the Prime Directive with my technical knowledge I decided to pass myself off as a farmer. I was able to get some seeds out of some fruit I found growing near my new home. I am currently growing plants that resemble lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, and apples. Hopefully what I have planted will be enough to to me and earn a little money to save up for the things I need.

When I am not tending to the farm I am have been reading an engineering book I found at a nearby park; since it is written in Simlish I have been having to translate it as I read. Hopefully they have a library here where I can read more about them without drawing too much attention to myself.

Personal Log: Wesley Crusher
Stardate: 313585.11

I've taken up fishing.

I don't eat the fish I catch, I keep one of each type for observation and then sell the rest with the produce. I guess I started because I needed something to do that wasn't farming or reading engineering books and since I do not have any team members to spend time with, this is what I have found to do.

I have also broken a rule; due to the transporter malfunction I have had to interact with a couple of the Sims. So far I have only had dealings with the owner and the employee of the grocery store I sell my produce and fish. They don't seem too worried about where I came from, they are just happy to get a new source of produce. It sounds like the technological progress they have recently made has caused most of the residents of Sunset Valley to move away from farming and to the newer, more profitable, high tech jobs. I imagine it would be difficult to complete this mission staying entirely isolated for 18 months with what has happened so far. If the other team member were here then it would be possible, but 18 months completely alone, I don't think I could take that. I will have to be very careful with what I say and the number of people I talk to. I just hope that when it is time to leave that I will be able to come up with an explanation the few people I may know here by then will accept.

I am glad they are sending the resupply ship in 18 months; this is supposed to be a 10 year mission
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