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We spent some time on Friday at a park near where we live.

Kevin became obsessed with taking pictures of these birds once we found them.

Bird yoga!

The beauty of nature.

I was mesmerized by the pattern the birds feet were making in the sand.

We stayed until the sun went down.  It was a good day.
Lovely pictures. I too am finding myself mesmerized by the bird footprints in the sand pic. Nice that you have a park like that near your home.
It is nice living so close to water and I always love animals so this made for the best of both things I love.
these pictures are really peaceful. was anyone else out there?
There were a few people around, but most of them were along one part of the shore fishing, so we only saw them when we got there and when we went back to the car.
Nice pictures. The park looks like a nice place to relax.

When my kids were little, we would sometimes go feed some ducks down the road from my in-laws. But if you didn't get that bread out of the bag fast enough, they'd come over and try to take a nip out of you.
Thank you.

I had suggested to Kevin that we bring some bird food to the park when we were making plans to go, but then he used up what we had left in our backyard because our cats like watching the birds and squirrels when they come out to eat. It turned out to be good we didn't because this park is pretty strict about not feeding the wildlife.