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As some of you know I have migraines with a pre and post phase that involves mental fogging.  Some days are better than others but one of the things that suffers greatly is my reading comprehension.  This has become a more and more obvious problem and is actually starting to cause a problem with following an hour long tv show.

I have been following several stories by many people on LiveJournal and I have always tried to comment when I read a story, even if it is just to say that I like the pictures because I know how much it means to some people to get some sort of response from a post they have made.  Due to the mental fogging getting worse, recently I have not been commenting on posts very much outside of responding to what people say to my own posts, which are taking longer for me to write and make sure they make sense.  Please do not take it personally if you do not see me commenting on your stories that I used to comment on, I have not stopped following them, it is just taking me longer to read them and I don't always understand what I am reading so i don't feel as comfortable commenting on them as I used to.

All the best, 
I'd hate if I wasn't able to give comments and if I wasn't able to give long comments when I felt it was required, so I really feel for you that you can't read and comment as much as you'd like to.
But I think you're right in saying that sometimes a writer is just as happy with a "Great work, loved the pics" comment, as a writer I'd be happy enough to know that fellow simmers even notice my story. A short comment is better than no comment. Indeed, I sometimes feel a little sorry (lol, but only a little) for the more popular writers who get many, and often long, comments, because it's bound to take up a lot of time to read them and comment back. In cases like that I think the writer in question might even welcome more of the short comments.

It's good to know you are still around even if we can't always see you. *hug*
Thank you.