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I write like
Dan Brown

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I decided to follow 
madame_ugly 's example and use the first one to come up twice, it only took three tries.  The very first one I got was Vladimir Nabokov for my Suichi Legacy Prologue.  Chapters 1 and 2 of the Suichi Legacy came up as Dan Brown; not sure what I think of that, but at least it is a name I recognize.  Now to try my two very short Mraz/Bushwalla stories and a couple of instructional things I wrote.</span>
I haven't done this! Off to try it out. :)

I must admit I giggled when I saw Dan Brown, but really you write tons better than him.
My ego will not let me believe that I write better than Dan Brown although I appreciate the complement and thank you for giving it.

I have read two of his books since my father-in-law had them and I had read through everything I had at the time and was looking for something new; I don't remember there being anything wrong with them, but my ability to discern good literature from bad is limited to not writing the whole store in NET speak and not swearing every other sentence.

I would be curious to know who you got as the author you write like.