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I am thinking about making a Wil Wheaton Sim to play

Since I did not become attached to the Sim I was playing, I am thinking of making another one, but this time making it of Wil Wheaton (as Wesley Crusher) for something I can have more direction with.  I am sure there are other people who liked Star Trek: TNG on here so I am wondering what traits you think Wesley would have had if you were just working with the base game list of traits for The Sims 3.  I am including a link t o The Sims Wiki with a list of all of the traits for the game in case the readers of my blog who want to comment don't have the game (just make sure it doesn't say it is a World Adventure or Ambitions trait).

The Sims Wiki: The Sims 3 trait list

I may make the Sim tonight, but then change the traits after he has been placed, but before playing him in order to allow me to spend time working on the way he looks, that is if Edmon (our gray cat) will let me continue using my laptop as he is currently also on my lap and laying on my left wrist making typing next to impossible.
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