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Yes, I am still planning on playing The Sims.  I haven't started yet, I am trying to decide which game to play because right now I just want to focus on one instead of all three or just the last two.  I've gotten my Facebook to just fishville and I just touch the game once a day so it doesn't take that long and I feel like I will be able to get back to Simming again.  I am thinking The Sims 3, because it is an easier game to play in my opinion and I can play it on the laptop so I can play it in bed if I am having a lack of stability day.  I may still end up just playing all of them (although I am thinking of dropping the original The Sims game) and doing like one every other day so I can post on the off day if I have got enough to post.  My Sims 2 Legacy takes too long to post an update because of how many homes their are.  As you can tell, my brain is all over the place on this right now.

Kevin thinks I should work on playing The Sims 3 but not one of my current story things just to get back into playing; I think I might make a new Sim and see what happens.  Now to decide if I should do one that is fully upgraded or one with just the base game.  I can never make a decision on my own.
Whatever is easiest and most practical for you :)

I've been kinda neglecting my FB games :( My little sister has been nudging me every now and then to fix some things up, I'm going to have to go through and fix everything up. :P
I've been kinda neglecting my FB games :( My little sister has been nudging me every now and then to fix some things up, I'm going to have to go through and fix everything up. :P

hehehehe, I think my brother-in-law, who is the reason Kevin and I started the facebook games, might have been kind of disappointed when I said I was quitting PetVille, I'm not sure what he thought about the leaving of FarmVille. I'm only hanging on to FishVille because they would die if I didn't feed them every day.
This is why i don't play those FB games ;)
Can't wait to see some more TS posts from you.
BTW, what a supportive husband you have. Mine hates The Sims.
BTW, what a supportive husband you have. Mine hates The Sims.

Fortunately my husband has played the game some and is happy that I have something to keep my occupied when he is at work. Sims has always been something I have been able to focus on for long periods until the migraines started. At least it can keep me entertained even when looking at the pictures in the guide books.
I'd agree with Kevin, have fun playing, doing things you've possibly never done before, just to get back in the swing of things. Plus, if playing on your laptop is easier for you at the moment, then it makes even more sense.

If fully upgraded means that WA is included then I'd love to see your posts that might include some things from that. With TS2 I tried to avoid posts about EPs that I didn't yet have as I wanted to experience the surprises for myself but with WA I've enjoyed the brief glimpses of Egypt that I've seen.

Look forward to your next Sims post, whatever it may be.
I am going with the laptop so it is only the base game although most likely after a short while I will get back into my original rotation of game which will involve a World Adventures updated game. I actually prefer the game with World Adventures, it adds so much to the game, I would highly recommend it to anyone.
I'm very tempted to get World Adventures, I just worry that my laptop won't like it and will overheat and turn itself off too quickly. I'm also tempted by the Ambitions one that is due out soon.... oh temptations temptations.... :D
Have you checked the specs for the game and your laptop? Also, is it a Mac laptop, I only ask because World Adventures killed my game on my laptop, but not because it was a laptop, but because it was a Mac. There is some sort of glitch that makes the hand tool not work, which as you can imagine can make the game unplayable in a short amount of time. It works fine on my PC so it seems to be more a Mac problem.

I was just looking through your last three posts for your pixel trade challenge and if you are already having to turn off reflection and having problems with the ground covering, you might want to wait on getting World Adventures and Ambitions. I'm not sure how soon you would be able to replace the laptop, but better to wait on the game than buy an expansion pack you cannot use until a new computer is purchased.

Like you I am really tempted by Ambitions, if economics were better I would be all over that whenever it comes out. Fortunately my PC desktop should be able to run it whenever I am able to get it, but I think the laptop will stay without it.
I'm sorry, I've just discovered that I've been missing out on replies, and am working through them on my email account. Another apology too, I'm doing it in reverse order - which means I've asked you about installing WA on your Mac, when you've already told me that it doesn't work.

I double checked my specs, so knew it should work. I was more worried about the laptop overheating and cutting off too quickly. I used to play Spore, until one of the patches started to cause this problem. Sorry I'm rambling. I apologise.

I'm probably going to wait to get Ambitions. Firstly so that any bugs are ironed about before I try to install and secondly, because hopefully it will be cheaper. (I got WA very cheaply, wasn't planning to buy it at all but couldn't resist the bargain.)

There is a new pc on the cards at some stage. It's probably not going to be soon. My savings should go towards buying a new front door first.... I'm sure I'd get more use out of a new pc though, lol.

Hope you had a good long weekend.