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So facebook games have taken over all of my computer time which I have been putting in a lot more than I should.  Migraines have always been a regular occurrence since they started, generally daily, with the occasional missed day that has massive mental fogging and even when I do have a migraine I have some mental fogging.  But now my husband is back at work (a new job mind you, but still, back at work) and he has asked me to take care of his facebook games as well, which I will do, but man this causes a lot of pain.  The Pets in PetVille may get limited to feedings and cleaning neighbors homes that are in the red and yellow instead of all of them.  In FarmVille and FishVille, I have a feeling all neighbor visits may end up being eliminated just because my own take so long.  If I can keep each game to one visit a day that only takes a couple of minutes to do it wouldn't be that bad, but I have spent a whole day on the computer and felt like a knife was being stabbed into my eye.

In a way I think it is good I have taken a break from the Sims because I felt like I had to post something every couple of days when I was playing it regularly and that was too much pressure.  Now I have replaced it with something that actually plays in real time and that is becoming too much pressure, so if you notice my crops dying in farmville, that is why.

Now I have to go figure out how to put a band-aide on my back where I can't see because I just cut myself with my fingernail.
I stay away from those Facebook games. I play Scrabble with a few people, but that's about it.
Sucks about the migraines, they really make your life a misery.
I don't play the Facebook games either, in fact I don't use Facebook very much, I just check in twice a month or so to see if there is anything new up with my friends and family that I haven't heard about via other means.
It's easy to get sucked up into games though, and as you are finding it can give you a bit of a break from other stuff. You shouldn't feel that you have to publish regularely when you are playing sims. I play sims a lot but only very little of it is stuff I publish.
I can't help chuckling at you having to look after your husband's Facebook games while he is at work, that's true love for you. :D