Here we see Moon Beam in the wilds of Sunset Valley, this particular location known as the library. I sent her here to work on her Writing skill since I gave her the Storyteller handicap. I don't actually remember what that one requires, maybe I should start writing them down.

Then, because there was a grilling competition going on I sent Moon Beam to join in, unfortunately, because their were only two grills and 6 people, she missed by one plate of hot dogs, which she had actually been in the process of making when the challenge ended.

Then it is back home to work on her Death Fish catching skill.

You may have noticed Moon Beam has changed outfits, this one being rather revealing, every once in a while I get in the mood to make my Sims where the skimpiest outfits I can find in the game. I don't know why I do it, but I do, this is what I found for her.

During the second week I decided since she was half way through her Young Adult time, I should start working on finding the Sim to father her children. I had her interview every Sim that did not look like a Sim that was moved in. I could not find a male repoman so I based it on what wants she rolled for the Sim if any. She rolled the want to cook a Sims favorite meal a couple of times but then came...

...Togor Pendragon, the pizza delivery Sim. She rolled the want to kiss him as soon as he walked on the lot.

So she proposed.

He said yes and they got married.

Since I can't steal beds everyone is going to sleep on these lawn chairs. Maybe someday I will by them beds; maybe some day I will build them a house; but since no one currently has the hate of being outside, lawn living it will be.

I didn't actually change his look, I just figured it was easier to see him this way. He is actually kind of cute for a Sim.

Something to know about Togor, he has one trait, Neurotic. I thought about randomly rolling others for him, but decided he was pretty happy with that one trait so why mess it up.

Since there is no double bed they woohooed three times in one day in the theater. They had a really fun day that day. I have found that the public woohoos don't give you the music if the Sim becomes pregnant which is why they woohooed three times.

Togor is kind of useless right now so after I found him doing nothing but playing I sent him to work on his fishing skill as well.

We have pregnancy.

Moon telling Togor they are going to have a baby.

He was actually really happy about it.

And now we have baby boy Star Beam.

Star will not be the heir because only girls can be the heir in this Legacy.

He is a cute toddler and he got Excitable and Absent-Minded for his first two traits. I never did see the Absent-Mindedness at work, but then he only had one toy at a time.

Once he got all of his toddler skills he grew up and rolled Brave.

Next time I play he will be selecting a new hair style.