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Mraz: "Welcome back to the Mraz and Bushwalla Hour; as promised, this week is all about my avocado farm."

Bushwalla: "Umm, Jason, why are you gardening in your ah, Speedo?"

Mraz: "I like being one with nature."

Bushwalla: "Right."

Bushwalla: "Jason, these are apples, not avocados."

Mraz: "Well, we don't actually have access to avocados and these were the next best thing."

Bushwalla: "Couldn't we have used Limes at least, that would have been the right color."

Mraz: "Limes are level 5 gardening skill and I don't have that yet."

Mraz: "Back to the Avocado farm; I love my farm. It is great to come out here and meld with nature."

Mraz: "Once we are finished tending the grove we like to rock out to some tunes."

Mraz: "Once we have danced for a while we like to play our guitars and create new music."

Bushwalla: "Hahaha, my music skill is higher than Jason's, mainly because he spends the morning tending the apples, I mean avocado farm."

Mraz: "Well, that's all for today; thanks for viewing the video and we will see you again next week."
I'm not really following this legacy, I guess should look back in your LJ for the other chapter, but I just wanted to tell you that I lol'ed at Mraz in the garden there in his tight black undies/swimwear and those pink bunny slippers. What's not to love? :D

I have a complete index of all of my story entries in my profile, which should make any entry easier to find. This isn't a legacy, just a fun story idea I had based off an idea Kevin had ages ago that involved these two. The actual plot will be revealed in a few more episodes.

The underwear gardening was inspired by an actual photo of Mraz that he posted to his own site of him in his underwear with a really large knife. As soon as I had started planning this story I knew that I had to have him gardening in his underwear.

I understand not wanting to try and run both games at the same time on your laptop, I have seen a lot of people with that problem. I'm lucky that when we bought this computer we were able to save a really big drive from another computer and we were able to get a really good deal on a third mega sized drive so I actually have three drives running. The largest one is used for the install of The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3 and the other two are backup drives, one for pictures and one for game backups.

I hope that when you do get to play The Sims 3 that you enjoy it. It is different from The Sims 2 and for some it is a release from having to play several houses in one neighborhood because it is really designed to make you focus on one home. Not everyone has gotten into that, although personally I seem to do fine both ways, I like the control of The Sims 2 and the freedom and not having to control everyone in The Sims 3 and that they all age at the same rate on their own. That is part of why my legacy takes so long to update, I want everyone to age at the same rate (even the townies).