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Mraz: "Welcome back to the Mraz and Bushwalla Hour; as promised, this week is all about my avocado farm."

Bushwalla: "Umm, Jason, why are you gardening in your ah, Speedo?"

Mraz: "I like being one with nature."

Bushwalla: "Right."

Bushwalla: "Jason, these are apples, not avocados."

Mraz: "Well, we don't actually have access to avocados and these were the next best thing."

Bushwalla: "Couldn't we have used Limes at least, that would have been the right color."

Mraz: "Limes are level 5 gardening skill and I don't have that yet."

Mraz: "Back to the Avocado farm; I love my farm. It is great to come out here and meld with nature."

Mraz: "Once we are finished tending the grove we like to rock out to some tunes."

Mraz: "Once we have danced for a while we like to play our guitars and create new music."

Bushwalla: "Hahaha, my music skill is higher than Jason's, mainly because he spends the morning tending the apples, I mean avocado farm."

Mraz: "Well, that's all for today; thanks for viewing the video and we will see you again next week."
Thank you, that was a shear luck picture. Apparently the plates in the kitchen had started smelling and Bushwalla had just come from there. In the game for some reason, even after you leave a smelly room you continue to react to it for something like five minutes, and he was still reacting to it when he got to Mraz. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to photograph it for that scene in the script I had written out.

I love Mraz's slippers, sometimes I imagine real life Mraz walking around in them.