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We, the writers of the Blossoming Hearts series, all two of us, are really happy to see this Chapter. No, generation two was not miraculously born this chapter; we are happy because Marisa gifted us the resolution to her story, which we had been struggling to figure out what to do with and how to close.

Last chapter was Suichi and Christy's wedding, which was also a chapter that really made us happy to write, well, mainly just show picture from.

Marisa: "Yes, my toilet broke again…No, I don't think you should be telling me it wouldn't clog so much if I actually flushed it once in a while…"

The next morning…

Marisa: "Who are you? Where is my normal repairman?"

Lee: "I am Lee Lewis, Ralph is out sick so I came today…You look familiar in some way."

Marisa: "Just fix the toilet."

Marisa: "She actually married him…Kage and Goddess Vanessa were at the wedding…What is wrong with these people…Yes, I know they explained Kage to everyone, I still don't care, they should have been outraged anyway…I have to go, I have another call."

Marisa: "Why isn't anything going my way? Ever since he came into the picture all of my plans have been unraveling."

Lee: "Now I know why you look familiar, you used to go to Arbordale's Private School; came in at the end of Elementary right?"

Marisa: "How would you know that?"

Lee: "I was the janitor there, just out of High School. You used to sit in the boiler room during lunch to avoid the other kids."

Marisa: "How do you know that."

Lee: "We used to talk. It was my lunchtime as well and you used to tell me about what the other kids were doing to you, like when they ripped up your paintings in the Art Room. Do you still paint, if I remember the Art teacher said you were a natural."

Marisa: "I have to get ready for work."

Lee: "Okay, call me if you ever want to talk again."

Marisa to self: "Man I hate this thing, I used to paint and it was so peaceful and quiet. Why I am thinking about painting, I am a powerful business woman, must have been that stupid repairman, I bet he never went to college, but still, might be nice to paint a little, on weekends…"

Marisa to self: "I hate my job, I just want to quit sometimes."

Marisa to self: "Why did I ever give this up, it is so relaxing, I don't have to think about all of my problems."

Marisa to self: "Stupid toilet, why does it always break? I wonder if I'll get that new repairman again, what was his name?"

Lee: "It was really nice of you to invite me to stay for lunch, most people just want us to leave as soon as we are done fixing their toilets, this is really nice of you."

Marisa: "Could you stay for a while, I would like to talk to you for a while."

Lee: "Sure."

Marisa: "I don't get some of these Sims. When Suichi first got here I told them, he is going to make things cost more for everyone and no one cared, he got his Small Business whatever thing pasted anyway. Then I told everyone about his son Kage and no one cared about that either. The man is now the Mayor of Arbordale and married to Christy. Her father was the one who bought most of Arbordale to the company that made me so rich. I would think someone like Christy would understand what a threat he is."

Lee: "Marisa, life is not about money. I understand you have had some bad examples in your life. If I remember your parents were being hounded to sell while you were still in Elementary school."

Lee: "What happened to your parents after they sold, were they happy, were you happy? You don't look happy Marisa."

Marisa: "It's not about happy, it's about Money and Power, something I have, or at least I used to have Power."

Lee: "Marisa, Money and Power do not make the world go round! There are people in this world with a lot less than you have and they are hundreds of times happier than you. Have you ever wondered how some people who live below the poverty level manage to keep going? They have love, they have family, and they have friends. They may not always have it easy but they don't let it get them down."

Later that week…

Marisa to self: "Lee is right, I'm not happy, my parents we're happy, what should I do?"

Marisa: "…That is right, I quit!"

Marisa to self: "I used to paint when I was in school, I could probably even make a living off of it now, but I think I could do something more with these paintings and some of my other ones. I know what I could do; I could set up an Art Museum. Wouldn't Suichi be surprised if I opened a community lot that was free?

Marisa: "I want to set up an Art Museum and it will be free of charge to everyone of Arbordale."

Suichi: "Really, this is great, I'll get iliveforsleep right on it."

Marisa: "Suichi, I am so sorry for everything I did to you."

Suichi: "We all have our journey to take, you were part of mine as much as I was a part of yours. Without each other we would not know what is possible of ourselves."

Marisa: "Lee, would you come over to talk?…Great, I'll see you later."

Marisa: "I want to thank you, everything you have told me, you are right, I wasn't happy. I quit my job and I am going to paint full time now."

Lee: "I am so happy for you Marisa, if that is what you really want to do then I am glad to see you go for it."

Marisa: "Oh Lee, I couldn't have done it without you."

Lee: "Marisa, you can do anything you set your mind to."

Marisa: "Goddess Vanessa, I wanted to apologize for the way I tried to use your son. It wasn't right and I understand if you hate me."

Goddess Vanessa: "I am all about love pumpkin and a big part of love is forgiveness."

Marisa: "So tell me, what kind of Art do you like? I am planning an Art Museum and I want it to appeal to people of all ages."

Clerk: "Really, you want my opinion on something, well I like…"

Marisa to self: "They were right, maybe if I flushed the toilet it wouldn't get clogged."

Marisa: "Lee, would you mind coming over to visit for a while."

Over the next several days Marisa and Lee spent time together.

On their own and without my direction they started to fall in love.


Okay, I did direct the first kiss, the proposal, and the wedding because they can't do them on their own.


Suichi: "She looks very happy iliveforsleep, I don't know what you did, but she looks very happy."

Iliveforsleep: "I didn't do anything."

Christy: "Your father may have learned what true love was from your mother, but Marisa learned it from Lee."

I won't say "and they lived happily ever after" because I haven't played past this point with them yet, but at least for now they are very happy.

In the next chapter we will see the birth of generation two, once I have played the seventh rotation of play. Who knew it would take four chapters to write up one rotation of play?

I don't know why, but something about this line made me giggle madly. I can't imagine me asking my toilet fixer guy to stay for dinner (well, maybe if he promised to wash his hands). Oh, wait. I am my own toilet fixerer.

I was trying to find a reason for Marisa talking to him again since in game they made friends on their own but that was not seen for story telling purposes. I am glad it made you giggle because I knew it was rather silly when I wrote it, but considering how heavy the last four chapters were getting, silly was probably a good thing.

The only thing that drves me batty is the incessant toasting. Sometimes I just have to move-objects and get rid of that darned bottle. I tried hiding it all the way at the end of the lot once, but all that did was prolong the process while the toaster retrieved the bottle and brought it back into the house.

I have had this problem as well. Fortunately for Suichi and Christy's wedding it only took two toasts to completely drain the bottle so Suichi took it to the trash right after his toast was finished.