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Chapter Eight: The Wedding

We are finally to the point in the Legacy everyone has been waiting for, no, not the birth of generation two, we are to the wedding of Suichi Vanderbilt and Christy Stratton. In the last chapter Marisa made yet another attempt at thwarting Suichi's goal of revitalizing Arbordale and failed again despite the evidence of an out of wedlock child.

In this chapter we are not going to worry about moving the plot along, we are just going to enjoy Suichi and Christy's wedding.

Now to wedding spam with very little text…


Note from author: At the time of the wedding, Suichi had over $40,000 so yes, in Sim World, Christy married a rich Sim.





iliveforsleep: "So where will you be going on your honeymoon?"

Suichi: "We get a honeymoon?"

Komei: "Suichi, you have done so much for this community. Everyone here has benefited from your presence in some way. May married life bring you much joy and happiness."

Suichi: "Thank you Komei for the wonderful toast, I would like to toast to Christy, my beautiful wife. My father learned what love truly was from my mother, and I learned it from you, may our children and their children forward, always learn what love truly is."


Suichi: "Please tell me this not just a wedding night only thing. Mmmm, I hope iliveforsleep cuts away soon, because this is going to get…"


Suichi: "That was wonderful. Hmmm, did I tell the limo driver we are done with him?"

Limo Driver: "I can't believe how many hours I have been sitting here. Suchi is going to die when he gets the bill. Good thing my tip is already worked into the bill. This is great, I am getting paid just to sit here."

Suichi and Christy begin what they hope will be a peaceful life together.

Chapter 9 will also not see the birth of generation two, but it will clear the way for them; that will hopefully make more sense once you have read it.
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